Unknown but Awesome novels

Writing and reading in a genre that don't seem to sit on best seller list makes me aware that there are some awesome books out there that should have more acclaim than they currently do. This list is my top ten books that should be on everyone's shelf. !. Tinker by Wen Spencer Okay, so it did get some acclaim as it did win some awards (2004 Sapphire Award for the Best Science Fiction Romance novel) but it is still a little known novel. I found it on a shelf in a second hand store about 8 years ago and was hooked. Tinker is clever and uses her brains to get out of issues while her love interest is a mysterious Elf who is the viceroy. I like the mixture of science and fantasy. Wen is a meticul

Review: Torch in the forest by Marcie Kremer

A young widow is struggling to keep herself free and her lands running smoothly. The men around her are arrogant and want only to use her in one way or another. A bit of a slow start and it takes a while to like the young widow as she seems way too innocent and sheltered for a widow even a young widow. I liked Hugh straight off. Though he is a bitter, angry man it brings out the ‘I want to save him’ ridiculous that seems to be in every woman. I could have wished for a faster pace but it was appropriate for the setting of the novel. The ending made up for the earlier slow pace. It doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly between our bitter angry lord and the innocent widow. Mary, the widow’s s

Review: Merry Christmas, Darling By Denise Devine

Rock is a rich, handsome man that no longer believes in true love and marriage after his fiancé betrayed him. Kim only wants to stay in the home she loves and keep her pet dog, Sasha. That means she has to play nice with Rock as he has the deciding vote on the new bylaws. That means acting as his wife for a week. Straight off you don’t like Rock. I mean with a name like that and the fact he arrives on her door late, makes you want to hate him. But like Kim he sort of grows on you as he did with her. The budding relationship between the two is just heart-warming but I have to say that my favourite part is the twist. I’ve read a lot of books and I always see the twist before it happens. This o


So, I'm trying my hand at my first NaNoWriMo. My mother has tried it before and so have some of my friends but this is the first time I've really looked at it seriously. I've always had this fear when it came to writing. This little editor in my head that always said that what I was writing wasn't good enough. Now that I have finished my first three novels that little editor has been shot and buried in the backyard. I highly recommend people give it a go. It is a great way to get over that fear of writing and being rejected. You are a winner if you reach your writing goal. They don't care how good or bad your writing is. To write 50,000 words is hard but very rewarding when you can pat yours

Review: Heart of the Gladiator By Lydia Pax

This is a book about a gladiator and a Healer. The gladiator has sold himself back into slavery while our Healer is a woman with very little options in a world ruled by men. Sold by her father to the arena she dreams of being a free woman and choosing the life she wants. It is a well-researched book which is always appreciated when people set their novel in the past. And when I say well-researched I mean it as my minor is Ancient History. A really good look at the life of the gladiators and slaves though I thought in some spots it got a little tedious when they went into too much detail about their lives. Though I must say fairly accurate. The characters are easy to like and the book is writ

Release of the Next Glyph Warrior Novel

My latest book Sorrow Also Sings is going to be released this month. You can read the first chapter here. This is Degu's story. I fell in love with him from the first novel and realised I would have to write his story. I had to change his name of course as Degu means rat. I always planned for him to be an undercover cop. So the name fit but by the time I realised I was going to write his story. That is why I changed his name to Ramon. This is the last book written that is set inside of Panacea. The next book will be based in Edge and the one after that will be outside in the greater world. I haven't made any plans to write any others in the series after that but I have left it open with a Bi

Why I think Self-Publishing is the way to go.

I am a control freak. No, I mean that in the nicest way. But when it came to publishing I like that I have complete control. I wrote my first manuscript and then asked some people to have a look at it. They took too long. I mean I was all ready to go and become a writer. Okay, it would probably have been better if I had slowed down but the first novel you learn as you go along. But I loved that I had control over what the cover art looked like and when it would be released. How much I would sell it as. The title and pretty much everything. Okay, so I'm still learning when it comes to marketing and all that jazz. But to be honest if I had gone with a publishing company they wouldn't have done

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