How to write a novel

A friend of mine spent years writing a novel but I managed to knock out my first novel only two months after I started. This isn't bragging as it was still bloody hard work. I found writing very soothing so the more stressed I was the more I wrote. I finished three books this year and will probably finish four or five by next year. I thought about how I could do this. So here are some of the tricks I used. KNOWLEDGE I recently read a book about writing fast and they speak about how you should know your plot inside out. She recommends scrivener. I am a word fan myself but that is only because that is what I know the best. But one of the things she likes with that particular program is that yo

Revising Tips For Self-Editing

I have no patience whatsoever. When I first started writing I got a couple Beta readers to look at my work but they took too long for me so I went and I started revision before I even got word back from them. This was better as this way when I really did give it to Beta readers they would be able to pick up things I couldn't pick up myself. Here are some tips I use to self-edit. #1 Non-linear I was once told by a teacher to read my work backwards to pick up spelling mistakes as our brain is very clever. It reads what we intended to write not what is written. It helps if you know grammar rules inside and out before you do this so visit Grammar Girl first. #2 Your quirks Make a list of your wr

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