I hate Sexy!

I read a lot. Especially romances and there are a lot to choose from so in this particular genre I am very, very picky. So, there are a few things I don't want to see early in the book. The main one is the word sexy. Here is why I particularly hate books that use this as a description at all. To describe a woman- Okay first of all I'm female so when a woman is described as sexy I'm not thinking of that the main character is sassy and curvy. Nope I'm seeing her as a two dimensional character whose only object throughout the novel is to please men. I don't want to read that crap. If it is to describe another character I think the narrator is shallow and likes to objectify woman? I want to feel

My experiences with an Editor

(The novel I picked to get the editor once over) Picking an editor is a very stressful experience. Firstly you wonder if that money really is worth it. If you are serious about your writing then the answer is yes. I saw it as an investment. What really tipped it over for me was that I was going over my finances, checking whether I had enough to scrape together to get an editor. Thinking, okay I don't really need that trip to someplace or another. Then I saw that last year I had picked up a couple of papers as I started my masters. Not that I think I will ever finish it. But I could have hired an editor for all my books for the price of those two papers. Education in New Zealand is significan

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