Move aside Percy Jackson

I had someone ask me the other day for an author who wrote about Greek stories but wasn't Percy Jackson. Apparently they are not a fan of the series but love Greek myths. This made me think of all the great books out there that have a unique world based on old world myths. Warning these are more for adults than YA. Here is my list. Sherrilyn Kenyon- Acheron This is a unique origins story for vampires which is awesome. Apollo's people were the Atlanteans but they murdered his mistress so he curses his own people to die at the age his mistress was when she died and the only way to survive is to suck the life out of others. Because Apollo is the sun god so if his cursed children even show their

Pirates ahoy!

I'm in the final steps of publishing my latest novel and I was waiting for my editor so I do my usual and googled myself only to find my unpublished novel already available on some sites. So, here are some things about pirates. 1. You can't stop them- to be honest you can try but it is one little ole you versus a hell of a lot more of them. You can watermark the reviewer copies you send out to see where the leak is but what is the point. All of my books have been pirated. Two of them I have sent out reviewer copies. One is completely free so anyone can pick that one up but I have three novels that have been exclusive on Amazon and one of them hasn't even been free on one of those deals. Pira

My favourite Kick-Butt female characters

My favourite kind of book is when the main hero is a female who can kick-butt. Here is a list of my favourite characters from a range of genres. Mercy Thompson from Moon Called by Patricia Briggs Mercy is a mechanic and a shapeshifting coyote. Now what I love about her is that she has a little bit of power amongst super powerful beings. She throws herself in with everything in her and yes she gets hurt but she has taken down some serious super powers in her series. A few fairies, a vampire or two even a god. Actually two gods. One was local and ancient and the other was a visiting deity who thought she was a weak link. His mistake. She isn't afraid to lean on her friends and they are truly a

Review: Rogue by J.T. Vaydensen

Rabbits! I know it shouldn't matter but who in the right mind would let rabbits go in a pristine environment on another planet especially after what happened in Australia. Unfortunately, this set a trend. I was expecting a book like Ender's game which is pretty deep and if it wasn't like Ender's Game I was expecting Starship Troopers. In the end it was like the movie all about the characters and not about the story. I got lost a few times especially when they jump from one character to another. For characters who are so young they have very adult concerns. We have Tek who is a bit autistic so he doesn't make friends very well. One day his world is tipped on its end and the sweet boy has to p

Review: Sixty-Seven Salamanders by Jeff Joseph

I think I would have found the start of this book action packed if I had even the slightest passion for football. But since I don't it was a little slow to start. Well worth the effort of getting through the first couple of chapters as our main character Adin is a great character. Certainly a teenager would find a lot in common with. The true strength of this novel is the characters. They are well rounded three dimensional who have interesting conversations. Adin might seem a typical student who is concerned about winning games and getting into college but he has a secret and it is about to complicate his life beyond anything he can imagine. He is supported by several women in his life and a

And she dies!

I was watching the movie 2012 and near the end the woman who cheated on her husband drowns. And no body cares. I'm serious nobody sheds a tear. I mean we even had an expletive for the plastic surgeon husband. Do you want to know why this is done? It is because she is an adulterer. Yip, our movies are that sexist that anyone who is an adulterer ends up dead with hardly a tear to be shed. When we watch a movie or read a book we want the bad guys punished and the good guys to win and get the girl. It is formula as old as time. But I am sick and tired of how we demonize women in our texts. Okay, I don't advocate adultery but her husband was an ass. He just wanted a trophy and never acknowledged

Review: Ibrahim Unites by James Lee Nathan III

I love, love the cover. I do my own covers for my books so when I saw the cover I was thinking, man this must be an awesome book with a cover like this. The author's name is a little pretentious but I wasn't going to let it get in the way of a book with an awesome cover like that. This is definitely a thinking man's book with philosophers thrown in right at the start. And also a lot of time travelling. The excess use of bold is distracting but that is merely a technicality. Otherwise the cadre of characters remind me of Anne McCaffery's series with Talents and we follow a few characters as they move around in this rich universe. Traci Harding's series is similar to this book. The dialogue is

Review: Swords and Sorcery by Lee Tozer

A true high fantasy we are sent into the faerie world along with twelve very young knights who have been sent to save all the realms. A surprisingly well written book and if you liked old fashioned Faerie Tales you will find much to like in this book. And I don't just say this because he has the same writing foible as me and penchant for too many thats. This story has plenty of elements from Nordic mythology and is well researched in that regard as you will find things and places mentioned which you don't find in many run of mill Nordic fantasy books. It is seamlessly combined with demons, well I mean Daemons. There is some interesting spelling but it works well with the Nordic names. A bit

Diversity in literature

I was talking today with someone about American tv and how it is mostly about white men. That even though America has 50% females like the rest of the world (actually more like 51%) most shows are dominated by men and if there are women all they seem to talk about is getting into a man's pants. When you look at races represented on TV it is even worse. Check out this Buzzfeed article about it. I am white but I'm South African and I'm a New Zealander and I am a woman. All of this is just a fraction of who I am. I am also a geek and a romantic. When I read books I don't see me on the pages. So, when I write I try to make my characters as diverse as I can. I know I get super excited when I find

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