The curse of the Literary Novel

I'm a genre reader and I'm not a fan of what I call 'the great american novel' (from the movie Finding Forrester) I have often had this argument with colleagues. Literary novels bug me because they do not follow a story arc. I want a story with a beginning, a middle and an end where the character develops and changes and have a happy ending. In the grand scheme of things it isn't a lot to ask. Hemmingway was great at writing about a snap shot of a person's life who are pretty much where they started at the start of the novel. Maybe a little older and a little wiser but nothing has changed. The other thing that really bugs me with this genre is the descriptions. In the past, books were writte

Always write a bad book first

In researching how to get published I remember someone wrote that when you start writing you have to first get a bad book out of the way. I was worried for a while as my first novel that I published was the first book I've ever finished. Well, that is what I thought. The first novella I finished was just for me (and no you will never see it ever) it dealt with issues in my life and was a complete fantasy world where I as the Mary Sue got everything I wanted. I actually wrote a few of these before I published my first book. Some of them are actually pretty good even if they are all Mary Sues. (Mary Sues are books where the main characters is just like the author but without any flaws. They ar

Why my books don't have any sex

I'm a Mormon, but that isn't why I don't have sex in my books. I find that when an author focuses on the two main characters alone it gets two dimensional. It is the difference between romance and reading the Karma Sutra. Too technical to disconnect the brain from reality to fully immerse into a world and create that suspension of disbelief. When I write my books I don't write the romance first, I write the story. Because the story is the most important thing. Once I've written the story then I go back and write in the scenes where there is romance. Because to be honest romance is almost always an after thought. We want to be connected to people and once we have achieved that we throw in rom

Clean romance that will knock your socks off

While writing another blog I thought of all the books I like which are clean romances but really have a good feel between the two love interests. So, here is a list of clean romances that will knock your socks off with how steamy they are. 1. The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker I'm a new fan but I've read pretty everything she has. She does all clean romances and there are a lot of hot and steamy couples in her books. If you want something a little grittier try her other name Ruby Lionsdrake. In particular her Dragon blood series with the king hooking up with an explosive specialist who is very open minded. But the one that knocked my socks off is the romance between Amaranthe and Sicarius

Romance Genre techniques that might help you be a better writer

Who hasn't picked up a trashy romance and maybe another but were disappointed by the fact it was a formula. Well, to be honest a lot of the big writers out there do work with a kind of formula. Mostly ones they have come up with themselves because why fix something that ain't broke. After all Mills and Boon are still around even if they have changed their name. My mum always said Wilbur Smith liked his formulas as well, but because he always had such rich environments and descriptions no one really noticed. So, that is what I would encourage any writer to do. Write good stories but don't be afraid to have your own formula. Here I'm going to write a bit about the techniques for story writing

Beware, Here be Dragons

I like shape-shifting stories but I'm afraid they have been taken over by Erotica. Too much sex and not enough story in my mind. My new novel Blazing Blunderbuss has a shape shifting dragon which is strongly influenced by Shelly Laurenston and G.A. Aiken (same person) and Patricia Briggs when it comes to shifter stories. So, to celebrate the release of my own shifting story I thought I would make a list of the best Dragon, Wolf and other shifting stories which might have romance and sex scenes but at least have a decent story. Shelly Laurenston- Pride Series (not her Magnus series that deteriorates a bit) These are bears, tigers and all sorts of animals. There are a few wolves and some of th

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