History of the Wyvern Chronicles

I am currently writing the third book in the Wyvern Chronicles and I find myself in China but a very different China than was at that time because of the Opium wars wouldn't have happened because of the changes to history that have happened in my other books. But I couldn't put all that in the book so I thought I would put in a history here. This Timeline shows the significant changes to history. 664 AD Dragons arrive in Europe during an eclipse. Dragons are soon spotted all over the world. Humans suddenly become a link on the food chain. They focus on building stone castles. Christianity loses most of its momentum. Islam though becomes a massive power but they turn their efforts to fighting

Book Trailers

When it comes to marketing it can be a bit hit or miss. There are things people say work but not always while other things work for others that don't work for others. So I went with the theory of you can knock it until you try it. Step One: Research. and then some more research. I've made films before so I know the basics but none of them have been very good and it has been a few years and technology really has come a long way in that time. I first needed to know what others were doing. Most I found were really just bad. Mostly because they missed the point. You are trying to sell your books. Instead, a lot of authors were too wordy (surprise, surprise) and they failed to engage their audien

Steam punk as a genre

I will not touch the culture that is called Steampunk it is something very different to the books and real steampunkers would be very offended if I pretended to know everything there was to know about steampunk. So I'm only going to talk about Steampunk as it relates to novels. It is classed as science fiction but really it doesn't fit in there. Like I'm writing steampunk and it is actually an alternate history story which falls under fantasy as it never happened and it isn't set in the future. People think because you are highlighting the technology that it automatically falls under science fiction. I even have dragons in mine, if that doesn't say fantasy I don't know what does. There are a

My favourite books with interracial couples

All of my novels have mixed race couples or even in one case two different species. Here is a list of my favourite books that have interracial couples. 1. Patricia Briggs, Mercy-Adam and Anna-Charles I couldn't pass up this writer as she also likes to mix it up. Mercy is half Native American and so is Charles and they hook up with Nordic god Adam and sweet girl next door Anna, respectively. Mercy often reflects on her lack of knowledge of where she comes from and that disconnect while Charles who was born during the colonization of America saw his people fade away. I think they represent the two ends of the continuum of cultural awareness and their partners are always understanding though so

5 reasons why we should write about Interracial Relationships

I was cruising through the romance websites when I found one about interracial relationships. I thought, wow that is cool. But it doesn't really apply to me because well I'm I white girl from a middle class family and blue eyes. I'm the last person that should put my oar into the water when it comes to discussing race. Except when I looked at my books all but one of my books is an interracial relationship and the other one is an inter-species relationship. I was wondering why I was doing this. Remember glow in the dark white girl here. But then I thought of my family. I have two siblings in interracial relationships. I know when my brother started dating a Maori girl there were some in our c

Hope in the face of the end of the world

There are some really good Dystopian novels out there but one thing bothers me. People like to dust themselves off and get on with it. So why are dystopian books so bleak? So here is a list of books with dystopian futures where people seem to be figuring things out. What that really means is that first the went down the plug and now everything is finally looking up a bit. Tinker- Wen Spencer So in this world Pittsburg has been transplanted to another planet where there are elves and crazy bio engineered monsters. Tinker is a genius who lives in Pittsburg but though human loves the mix of the human/elf culture which she was brought up in. Because of the transplanting and the dangerous flora a

7 things you didn't know about my Glyph Warrior series

When you write a novel there is always heaps of stuff that either doesn't fit or would just make the book boring if you had to squeeze it in. Here are some interesting tidbits from my Glyph Warrior series that you either didn't know or didn't notice. 1. Toa is American Samoan. Psst don't tell my brother in law. Toa though needs to come from American Samoa as it is a U.S Territory and even today the people of American Samoa work for the American government even in the military and yet their people have less rights than U.S citizens. You might be able to bleed for America but you can't vote. Toa is a symbol of how bigger countries take advantage of smaller entities. I think all the U.S Territo

Names of books and the importance of standing out.

I was talking to a fellow writer and picking titles for books. He mostly stumbled on them by the time he had finished writing the book. I know the title for my books before I even start. They often lead to important plot developments. I'll give you an example: I'm busy writing my sixth novel about a dragon and an accidental pirate. I've got another book in the series in my mind and it sounded a bit like the plot to Midsummer Nights Dream and think why the heck not so the next steampunk I'm doing is going to be called the Mechanicals (of course) and there will be a Lysander and some others popping up that are familiar. But picking a title for a book can be difficult for some. Here are some su

World building

I like creating my own worlds. It makes me feel like everything is possible. The trick is to make everything in your world plausible. I particularly like theoretical physics to come up with some really good ideas. Often science is where I start. My latest series has dragons in it and it all started with Discovery putting out that fake documentary on Dragon's bones being found. When people started arguing over it some internet troll said we couldn't have dragons on earth because we don't have seven limb creatures. You see we have two legs and two arms and maybe a tail. Fish have more and so do insects but not reptiles or mammals. So if dragons did evolve on earth to be the size they were they

Why Girls should Kick Butt

One of my reviewers recently mentioned that they liked that I have a strong female lead. This came when I was thinking about how many men aren't sure what makes a good man in this day and age. I mean it took women already 200 years to figure out who we are and we haven't even finished the process though I see more and more women happy with who they are in their skin regardless of whether they are girly or not. The Manly Man has had such a bad rep lately that men are a bit confused on what they should be. Many men because they are afraid of their own insecurities can't handle a strong woman. In my books I always have a strong female lead but I also don't water down the men either. I just make

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