Another NaNoWriMo

I know I have several books published so why do I still do NaNoWriMo when I can happily write a novel in a month and I have done that a few times this year already. But I think there are several reasons. 1. Community. The people on Nano are like super nice. I am part of a few forums but they are for 'serious' writers and they tend to be just a tad mean. Shooting down amateurs for the smallest of mistakes. I haven't come across one of the meanies on Nano. I have another post about all the meanies you can find on line so if you want more detail then check that out. 2. Momentum. Sometimes I'll have an idea and I'll sit on it and sit on it and sit on it. That was my last series. I kept saying I'

Armageddon isn't the end of the world

I had my launch for my latest book this weekend. I went up to Auckland which is the biggest city in my country but don't get excited the whole country doesn't even have the same amount of people who live on Manhattan island. I dressed up and stood for a while handing out postcards and book marks. The kids were the best. Most of the day was wandering around and there certainly were enough people there. Last year there were 70,000 people and it certainly seemed like there were that many people. There were three types of people selling books. The biggest and most impressive was this one guy that had a six foot poster and these lovely book covers that I know must have cost a grand each to develo

Are you a secret Dyslexic?

I'm a smart cookie so when I struggled to spell things I didn't think of dyslexia at first. It was only when I was at university and I started to put two and two together that I came to the conclusion I was dyslexic. I thought since I managed to get through school and I read a treat that surely I'm only mildly dyslexic. Well that might not be case. In the last few years I've been researching dyslexia to be a better English teacher (my day job) and what I found out shocked me a bit. Here I'm going to write about the secret signs of dyslexia. #1 Can't read an analog clock. I hate reading analog clocks. I love digital and I hate the 24hr clock and I live a dream world where all my digital clock

I'm so excited I can't sleep! Marketing fun.

So I'm off to Armageddon, which is New Zealand's answer to comic con, where I'll be dressed up to the nines in a steampunk outfit and promoting my latest book. One of the things I'm doing to prepare besides buy an outfit is setting up my promotion material and that made me think of how even though marketing can be difficult you can also make it fun. Here is how I went about my marketing. Whether it will work but these are all things that have been tried by others, mostly, and has been somewhat successful for them. Step One: Reveal the cover. I make my own covers so I get super excited about them. I make up mock ups and I print off the final one and frame it and put it on my wall in my house

Retelling Shakespeare

So my latest book I'm trying something new. I'm retelling Midsummer Night's Dream. I always thought the way that Helena chased after Demetrius was kind of sad and I wanted to give her more of back bone. You see Helena is the poor friend to the rich Hermia. Hermia is pretty much a spoilt brat in the play and throws a tantrum and runs off with a guy that is probably just after her money. Actually I reckon both of the boys are after her money and just put up with her antics. I really hate the way Shakespeare represents women. it isn't his fault. He lived in an age where leaving your wife and kids in the country was quiet acceptable and no one blinked an eyelash at the love poems you wrote about

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