PULSE by Ryan Crawford- review

I take review copies for self-published books but I've been a little disillusioned lately and reluctant to promise reviews but I can tell you my faith in my fellow self published authors has been revived by this book. A pleasant surprise and read in one sitting. Set on Earth, at first, in the future when Earth has joined a group of other planets called the PULSE but we are the newbie runts of the pack and Earth is to be tested. Earth send their best to become Soldiers. This story is about the Trail that every human contestant must go through to become a Soldier and it is brutal. I was enticed by the blurb. All female cast, but you know what, I kind of wished there were men in the story. The

The Black Wolves of Boston By Wen Spencer- Review

Wen Spencer is really stacking up to be my favourite author. I don't usually read books with male protagonists as I really can't relate to the character enough to be in a state of suspended disbelief. But Wen Spencer has several series with male protagonist who I can relate to. Mainly because they aren't mucho men who kick butt and take names as they do. Instead she has men who are struggling to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. The Black Wolves of Boston is about a young werewolf who a few days before was a normal though a bit weird kid who was bullied by the locals in a small town. Then one day he wakes up and all his friends have been brutally murdered around him an

Writing when life gives you lemons

I write prolifically and usually I just tell people that I can do that because I don't have a life. That is only partly true. Yes, I'm single with no kids so I have my afternoon free to do as I wish. But actually I spend a heck of a long time staring at the screen. When I have a good go at it I can write about a thousand words in an hour. So if you can carve out an hour a day you can technically write a novel in two months maybe three. That is about what I'm doing now with all that extra time. But that isn't really what this post is about. This post is going to be about how it is essential for me to find that time. Especially when life's pressures are pushing on you to focus on it rather tha

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