Review: Auckland Allies by Mike Reeves-McMillan

I'm a big fan of stories that represent who we are. I hadn't realised how important it was to also have stories set in places familiar to us as well. Auckland Allies is set in Auckland where I went to Uni just like Steampunk Sally. The places the Auckland Allies run around is a wallow in nostalgia that was glorious. Auckland Allies is set in modern times but with people with magic, called practitioners, Tara is a Maker and Sparx is her neighbour. They end up being chased by blokes in black all because Tara did some work for Sally. A mistake on their part as instead of keeping their plans secret they made enemies. Okay, they aren't powerful enemies but they are resourceful. The core character

Review: Hand of the Trickster by Mike Reeves-McMillan

This is a novella about a band of thieves that have come together to steal a book of questionable safety. Mostly we follow the character Now you see it. He is a a priest of the trickster cult that allows him to conjure up items. They have been commissioned to steal the book by a demon and things get tricky from there. It took me a while to read this even though it isn't very long mainly because I'm not a fan of male protagonists but Now is an interesting man with a strong set of rules that fits interestingly with his complete lack of qualms about stealing things. The story is set clearly into three acts so you really can read it in three parts as they are linked but also a bit separate. I'd

Review: Dear Agony by Georgia Cates

What I love about romance is the story of the people. This delivers on that. The character Rose and Bastion are adorable and I balled my eyes out. This story isn't as raunchy as you would assume considering it starts off with Rose signing up to join a high end escort service. Rose is smart with a dark past that makes her a well rounded character and Bastion is an amazing character that matches her. He is rich but he has been brought low by the losses in his life so he isn't the usual arrogant rich boy and Rose isn't your typical sweet innocent. If I had to say one thing that bugged me it was the first person present tense. I think I'm old fashioned as I really can't get used the present tens

The ethics of Media

I wrote a review lately that made me think a bit about the role I play as a writer in shaping the world we live in. I was talking to my mom about Donald Trump and how some media have taken up the catchphrase #notmypresident. Except that he is. The media for so long has been putting out into the world that being rich and arrogant is sexy just look at Fifty Shades of Grey. That people who are willing to step on others to get ahead are thought to be ambitious instead of cruel. Just look at things like Survivor. You can't constantly put out into the world an image of perverted men who always get the good looking, and often half their age, women and then expect us not to revere a orange perverted

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