Review: Harrison's heart by Dale Mayer

The only issue I had with this book is that they fall in love too easily. I know it is a romance and that is how it should go. But three days is a bit of a stretch for the I love you bit. I think because the sparks weren't there between the two characters. I think that might be because I didn't like Harrison as much as I liked the other heroes. In the last book he was happy to torture people and though the bad guys deserved it, it soured me towards Harrison. Our heroine on the other hand is awesome. Prickly but not mean she has a reason to be standoffish. On the run because everyone thinks she shot her father and beat her mother to an inch of her life it is Harrison's job to find her. They d

Review: Logan's light by Dale Mayer

I rather like Dale's work. Okay, everything is fairy tale like in that we have a damsel in distress that gets rescued but Dale Mayer is also aware of the inherent sexism in many of those formulaic tales. The women always have an opportunity to show that they have the skills and gumption to get themselves out of a pickle but it is all just better that a knight in shining armour is there to save them. Also since this is a rescued kidnap victim story I really appreciated how Logan didn't take advantage of the love interest in the story. The end condenses down what would happen over a long period of time to just help move the story along faster though I would have been happy with a fade to black

Camp time

It is that time of year again. Camp Nanowrimo time. I do find it amusing as for me it is the middle of the year and freezing but for half the world they are on their summer breaks. I quite enjoy Nano as it makes me responsible for my writing. At the moment I'm working on an ambitious project. Usually my series just start and I add to them as I write. Usually with a book or two in mind as I write. But this time I'm not going to rush and actually finish the whole series before I publish the first book. The problem though isn't the size of the project but rather my own confidence. I love writing but when I've made only a few hundred sales on my books after writing for two years I have this voic

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