Interview with Claire Buss

Welcome Claire, tell us about your latest novel? The Interspecies Poker Tournament, Case 27 of The Roshaven Files, is a humorous fantasy novella following the adventures of Ned Spinks and Jenni, a prequel to The Rose Thief. If you loved Terry Pratchett's Discworld, you'll love Roshaven. Ned Spinks, Chief Thief-Catcher, has a new case. A murderous moustache-wearing cult is killing off members of Roshaven's fae community. At least that's what he's been led to believe by his not-so-trusty sidekick, Jenni the sprite. She has information she's not sharing but plans to get her boss into the Interspecies Poker Tournament so he can catch the bad guy and save the day. If only Ned knew how to play! Yo

Disappointed Expectations

One of my students is writing an essay on subverted expectations. Interesting how expectations work. My sister-in-law once recommended Catch 22. I'm not much for war books. I love fantasy, science fiction and romance but war books are a bit much for me. Mostly the drama gets in the way of getting to know the characters. So I wasn't expecting much from Catch 22 but funnily enough I loved it. They've just put out a TV series based on the book. I was super excited. Put the date in my diary and waited breathlessly for the day to arrive. Only I was so disappointed. They make out Yoyo as sane. The whole point of the book was you thought he was nuts until the story unfolds and you realise he is the

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