Refreshing Archetypes: Loner

I'm a fan of westerns. But it always made me sad that the loner could never break from their archetype and find their own love or a purpose in life. The riding off into the sunset always bothered me. Why couldn't they stay and make a life for themselves? Loners tend to be male so an easy way to refresh this archetype is to try a female character but please oh please don't blend them with a battleaxe character as you get the female warrior who doesn't talk to anyone, all mysterious. Loners that are done well: Emperor's edge Most of the ones I've seen done well have actually come from movies and the like but I thought I would start with the one in a book that I think is done to perfection. Sic

My Podcast journey

Like many authors I’m an introvert but for my day job I’m forced to stand in front of a lot of people and teach. So I know there are certain places where you can shine without having to worry so much about your insecurities. Podcasts appeal to me as I don’t have to show my beautiful mug to anyone. So if you can stand the sound of your own voice then this is definitely something you can attempt. The next step is to decide what you are going to talk about: a mission statement if you will. I got into the podcast because my writer’s association Specficnz put out a call for anyone interested in hosting or participating in a podcast. So we knew that whatever we did it had to benefit the members of

Refreshing Archetypes: Ingenue

I was talking with an author I'm mentoring and we were discussing characters and of course landed on Archetypes. Unlike stereotypes you don't start with a race or gender you start with a core character trait. Many don't take it much further than that but I'm a fan of taking a archetype and putting them in a situation you wouldn't normally find them and reacting in a different way than is usually portrayed in movies - usually more realistically. So I'm going to be looking at different Archetypes starting with the ingenue. Usually a woman an ingenue is innocent and beautiful. Think of Amy Adam's character in Enchanted. This character isn't a bad character to have in a novel. The problem comes

Unrealistic expectations

I was reading an article today that the local Romance Writer's chapter posted and one of the lines resonated with me. One of the most prevalent criticism of romance is that it causes unrealistic expectations. So is it unrealistic to expect a man to treat a woman with respect? I write clean romance, not because I think romantic books are bad - each to their own - but because I believe we should write the kind of books we want emulated in the world. I am religious and I would consider myself hypocritical to advocate virtues in my books that I don't advocate in real life. But I also believe that looking for love and that connection is core in our lives. Women are more likely to be murdered by a

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