Glyph Warrior Series

Hero is a man

(Glyph Warrior #1)

Alternative Cover

Hero is a man afraid to run away. He wasn't running anywhere.

"I think a strength tattoo should do it. Take off your shirt." 

"I'm not here for a tat. Don't like the things." 

"This one is different. Take off your shirt."    

He hesitated. His mind could only think of prolonging her hands on his body. 

Misha has never met someone like Halcyon. His world had always been the city neighborhood he had grown up in. He kept his nose clean and he stayed out of trouble. The blue haired little genius was anything but peaceful as she draws him into a world of science that is so worlds ahead of everyone else it seems like magic. But Misha is ready for some magic in his life, he isn't so sure the crazy inventor was ready for him.  


Halcyon has found the secret to bringing the most out of the human potential, only she has to guard her secrets from unscrupulous gangs who threaten to take over the neighborhood and the state. She has no idea what to do with the very large man that has volunteered to be her guinea pig. Why can't people just leave her alone?  


Together they have to learn whether they are man enough to be heroes. 

Published March 2015

You can Run

(Glyph Warrior #2)

Natasha’s new abilities lead her to find a strange man bleeding to death in an alley. She is more of a hands on person and she isn’t sure how she is going to handle going undercover in the academic world of the stranger she has rescued. She also wonders if she will be able to protect her heart as easily as it will be to protect his life.

Left to die by an unknown enemy, Warren would have died except for the help of a strange woman. He is far away from the academic world he is used to. Without his memories, he will need all the help he can get. To face not only his past, but the enemy hidden there.

They are two worlds apart. Will they ever meet in the middle?

Published 19 June 2015

Alternative Cover

Sorrow also Sings

(Glyph Warrior #3)

Degu has left his shady past behind him and is now Agent Ramon. He has finally got the glyphs that make him powerful. His journey leads him to help out the sexy doctor who is trying to find a cure for Ambrosia.


Freya is determined that she will help people even though people in very high places want her to stop her research. She soon learns that she will have to trust the Agent with all her secrets if they are to succeed.


Published 11 October 2015

Alternative Cover


Blind Leading

(Glyph Warrior #4)

Toa is a soldier who has been betrayed by his own people. Tortured for what he knows he has some difficult choices to make. Save his family and leave behind the chance at a real life or stay with the woman he loves and leave his family in slavery. Megan has grown up in the shadow of her famous parents. Even though she is a genius architect, there always seems something is missing from her life. The small world she has lived in seems smaller every day. Until she finds a wounded soldier in the Wildlands and everything changes. Will they lead each other out of trouble or will they end up in deeper?


Published Jan 29th 2016

Alternative Cover


Glyph Warrior: Complete Omnibus


Imagine a world where you can hack the human body with tattoos to make them a superhero. This is Panacea where Halcyon has discovered a way to give people superpowers; the only problem is she now needs someone to test her discovery on.


Panacea is under threat from Drug Lords and corrupt politicians where we follow those who are learning how to be real life super heroes.


Published Jun 3rd 2019