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Twin sister to Rene. Always second to her brother who was supposed to use his education to raise the whole family from poverty. Even after her parents died without realising their dream she still tries to protect her brother and when he signs them both up to war she follows him. She is an accomplished musician and finds out that her great grandfather was a dragon from Norway. 

She is brave and a tad reckless and discovers that she hates being in her brother's shadow and being a soldier allows her to discover herself.

Accidentally mates herself with a hybrid dragon - this is unusual as hybrids have never branded anyone before. It was considered that they couldn't blend their atoms with another. The brand grows over time and she thinks she is dying from it until she meets Katherine in an army hospital and tells her it isn't anything to worry over.

Her arc is to stop doing everything her brother wants from her and instead do things because she wants to.

Rene isn't very bright and he knows it. With the pressure from his family to be all of their saviours he thinks he is finally free from these expectations when his parents die only for his sister to carry on their dream. Instead he tries to find his own chasing after dreams of glory only to discover his sister is better at everything he tries to do.

He freezes up on the battlefield and is saved by his sister. He struggles with the change in roles only to realise this could give him real freedom. Instead, of having to live up to others expectations he could just follow his sister.

Wyvern Unit 

A group of 12 soldiers that fight using dragon technology.


Corporal Daniel 

Gideon and Hara's son he is a tinker and genius like his parents. He has been conscripted by his family to make sure the Empire doesn't fall as there is a Roshian dragon called Adrik who is trying to take over the Empire. As kids him and his cousin Jin figured out they could manipulate matter and are hoping to train other hybrid dragons like them to be a weapon against the Roshians but first they have to defeat their pawns which includes the Rhine and Hungary Provinces who have been manipulated to start a war that could possibly destroy the empire.

Lance-Corporal Jin

The son of April

Ian Macintosh

A red-haired man from the islands who likes to tell raunchy and ridiculous stories. Tall he is overly talkative and it was said his great grandmother seduced a dragon.

Gimpy AKA Carl Guinevere

Really tall and lanky. Reminds everyone of a yearling colt that has more legs than sense. A bit clumsy but very caring and tends to stop any of the fights that crop up amongst the soldiers.

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