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Model Humans

Model: Serenity

Model cover 1.jpg

Aaru is a Serenity model human on the newly colonised planet Ardin. But she doesn't feel very serene when the father of her baby arrives on her doorstep. Mostly because she has never met him before.


Kaidan is a Warrior model and he is looking for his mate. He has never met her but she is already carrying his baby. As far as he is concerned this is perfect.


What isn't perfect is that people are after An and her baby and Kaidan has to help protect her from the government and her brother.


Released November 2018

Model: Scribe


She is a Scribe model that has discovered something that could mean the end of her career or even her life. She decides the only way to keep herself safe is to kidnap the prisoner that is secretly kept in the building.


Kynaston has been put in a cell and left there to rot. He is too dangerous to let go and too dangerous to kill so when he gets the chance to escape he takes it even if he is being kidnapped.


Will the two of them figure out a way to stay alive and free at the same time?

Released March 2019


Model: Rustic


She is good with her hands and in particular machines but the Scribe Government is restrictive to what they believe women can do. So when she finds an injured human scout the last people she will go to is the government.


He has traveled all the way from Earth to be the first to land on their new home only to find that humans are already there and waiting for the humans.


Unfortunately, the government is waiting to kill him as the first volley in a war between humans from earth and the genetically engineered Model humans.


To be released 2019

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