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History of the Wyvern Chronicles

I am currently writing the third book in the Wyvern Chronicles and I find myself in China but a very different China than was at that time because of the Opium wars wouldn't have happened because of the changes to history that have happened in my other books. But I couldn't put all that in the book so I thought I would put in a history here. This Timeline shows the significant changes to history.

664 AD

Dragons arrive in Europe during an eclipse. Dragons are soon spotted all over the world. Humans suddenly become a link on the food chain. They focus on building stone castles. Christianity loses most of its momentum. Islam though becomes a massive power but they turn their efforts to fighting dragons instead of expansion.

809 AD

Charlemagne starts a tradition of giving women to dragons to appease them.

839 AD

Rosh dragons attempt to take over the Rosh government and are not successful. The Roshians vow war on the dragons. They discover humans who have supernatural senses in regard to finding dragons and give them power and call them Dragon Hunters.

860 AD

In Han the dragons take advantage of a weak government and subvert the government. When it is discovered there is a short and brutal civil war which the dragons win. The Jade Empress is crowned.

1001 AD

The last of the Rosh dragons is killed.

1030 AD

There is a cease fire between humans and dragons. It is an uneasy peace.

1066 AD

William the Conqueror (half dragon half human) starts his conquest.

1068 AD

A treaty is written between humans and dragons of a non aggression pact. With this treaty there is co-operation between humans and dragons and technology which is based on human and dragon influence first invented.

1093 AD

William conquerors most of Europe and part of the Middle East. With the non-aggression pact between humans and dragons humans turn to trying to stop William's new Wyvern Empire from growing.

1182 AD

The Wyvern Empire ceases its campaign to take more land with the rise of strong leaders in the Middle East who manage to unite their people against the Wyvern Empire.

1179 AD

Genghis Khan attempts to unite humans against the Jade Empress. He is eventually defeated. The Han Empire grows as it takes over territory taken by Genghis Khan. The Han continue to take more land over the next century.

1347 AD

The Black death spreads across the world. The Han stop their expansion and become isolationists.

1585 AD

Colonies are funded to travel to the New World.

1804 AD Hara is born.

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