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Writing 107

Time to write your bad book. Okay to this point most of your writing has been about scenes you see and the cool things you want to write but you'll get to a certain point when you lose the drive to finish the story. This is normal. You can continue on with this stage for awhile and I recommend that but the next step is the bad book.

Task 7

Start off with a Mary Sue. A character that is just like you but perfect. Put them in a situation where everything in their life is pretty terrible. Now write their story. I find this cathartic. It also needs to be done as you will always write this person until you get them out of your system.

Now here is the warning. Never, ever let anyone see this book. It will be horrible. It is meant to be horrible. What it is teaching you is how to finish a book. That is the hardest part of writing. Remember that you can do it.

This book won't need plotting. That is what I'll approach next time. Pantsers are either people who haven't finished a book yet and still need to write their bad book or they are all planners in their heads and don't need to write it down because it is in their head. I'm partly this but I have to write things down to untangle all the bits in my head.

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