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Review: Echoes in Time by Cherie Mitchell

Ah, the days when teachers actually had some power in the classroom. By day I'm a school teacher and the opening scene of this book is something of the past I'm afraid. But it was very nostalgic to read. Nostalgia is definitely the theme of this book. We are introduced to Zoe and Jamie who get sent back into the past as Dancing girls in 1861 San Francisco as well as other places.

A real eye opener for our rather frivolous girls. At least they keep their wits about them when they find themselves in difficult situations. I certainly would have found a dark corner to curl up in. Though Jamie does faint a lot though that is mostly due to spiders. I do wish they didn't time hop every time they really found themselves in danger though. And they would have shaved heads in Egyptian times as well and the hair would have been a wig.

This story is Bill and Ted with a more serious tone. The eras are done well so won't offend someone who has studied history. I've had some bad experiences in the past with authors who didn't research the little things. This author has or at least glosses over bits she wouldn't know about. So very well done.

It is really difficult to have characters grow when things change so often and so much for the characters and yet the author carefully weaves the development of characters throughout the story. We even have a HEA which ticks all my boxes.

Add that it has an awesome cover this is a book you can snap through in an afternoon. 5 stars.

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