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The Bite By Erica Christensen

Here in New Zealand we are heading into some cold weather. So I thought I would do a couple of blogs on some great new reads to cuddle up with. Or if you are on the other side of the world something to sit by the pool and read.

The Werewolf World Chronicles two book set

The Bite:

Every summer in Mississippi, all the teenage girls ages sixteen to nineteen gather in werewolf territory for The Selection Ceremony. A time to see if they are the fated mate to a male werewolf.

Helenisha Morganos dreads the idea of possibly being chosen. There is nothing she fears more than the werewolves and the stories her father has told her about them. When she is chosen by future Alpha, Wrolf Smithson she is quickly thrust into the role of a werewolf’s mate. When a vital member of the pack goes missing, Helenisha and Wrolf must work together and try to find him before it is too late.

The Protector:

Now that there are no kidnappings to worry about, Wrolf Smithson is thoroughly enjoying spending time with his mate, Helenisha. At the same time, he is loving experiencing the pleasure that a connection between two mates that care for each other can bring. But, the peace doesn’t last long. Someone invades werewolf territory and suddenly, people are going missing and some are being found dead.

Meanwhile, Wrolf’s dad is in Washington D.C. speaking before The Senate about a new werewolf law that is being passed. When he is framed for a crime he did not commit, Wrolf, Helenisha, Chattel, Charmane, Sue, and Lou must come to the rescue.

And here is a little treat for everyone. An extract. Take a nibble on this.

The Bite Excerpt

By, Erica Christensen


Dear Diary,

The Selection Ceremony is a way of life in Mississippi. My older sister, Heather Morganos was taken by the wolves. She found her “mate” there and now that I’m sixteen, I am being forced to go.

Do you know how horrible that would be? It’s not just the idea of being chosen that scares me. I am also scared of all the changes that it would cause. If I am selected, I will be forced to leave home and live in the werewolves’ territory, never to return. I can’t imagine leaving my family behind.

Unfortunately, it’s Mississippi State Law that all girls sixteen to nineteen years of age participate, so it means I’m stuck. I’m so scared. If only you could talk.


Chapter One:



"It's called a selection ceremony, but it's really more of a forest gathering," Mom reminded me as she directed me towards the closet. It was time to get ready. "I doubt you'll get picked, there will be so many there."

"I’m so nervous. I’m afraid I won’t remember everything I have to do. Can you please remind me?" I asked. "Go up and pick a number from the bowl. That will determine the order and group you go into" Mom responded. “After you get into the group, you just stand there and wait”

I exhaled nervously, as my baby sister, Adelina, started to cry. Mom picked Adelina up and passed her to me. This might be the last time I ever get to see her again. The thought made tears stream down my face, but I couldn’t show it. I blinked away the tears and cooed at Adelina as I held her. After she stopped crying, I handed her back to mom.

I kept trying to think positively as mom helped me put a light purple dress over my head. I thanked my lucky stars at that moment that I wasn't thought of as pretty by anyone other than my mother. I’d always thought of myself as plain. I had zits on my face, a slightly round jaw structure, and was overweight. That had helped most guys at school decide against me hopefully it would do the same to the werewolves.

“Hurry it’s almost time to finish getting ready”

I quickly brushed my hair, which I had left down and then put on my shoes. “I’m going to get the car” father called from the top of the stairs. Stomping could be heard as he made his way down. To say father was unhappy was an understatement. He didn’t like werewolves, not one bit.

"Please don't pick me, please don't pick me," I whispered as I stepped in the car. Adelina was in the car seat and my parents were upfront. Suburbs and then city passed me by. Soon we were at the entrance to what looked like an endless forest. “The one time a year I’m forced to coexist with these monsters” father said, his focus solely on the road. He clenched the steering wheel tightly with his hands and as we passed through the entrance to werewolf territory. I saw several guards watching us as we drove by them.

The instinct that existed in every human allowed me to identify them as werewolves.

I fidgeted with my hands and bounced my foot up and down as we rode in the car. What would my father do if I was chosen by a werewolf?

“Honey settle down, your hyperventilating” Mother called from the front seat. I did a mental check, and realized she was right, so I started looking out the window to calm myself. There were tall trees on either side of the road and the forest seemed to go on forever.

Finally, we came upon a parking lot where one of the many selection ceremonies on werewolf territory was taking place.

I got out of the car and watched as a male werewolf of about sixteen years of age, made his way toward me. He was pale, with black hair, and was extremely tall. My upper lip started to sweat, and I wrung my hands at his approach. “I’m Micah, I am here to escort you to the mating ceremony.” I took a step back. “You’re not here to eat me, are you?” He laughed. “Nope but we have a second. Let’s get to know each other. I’ll go first. I’m sixteen, a middle level Beta, and harmless.”

I exhaled for a minute. It was time to be brave. “Middle Beta?”

“Yep, I’m not the most dominant Beta or the least dominant Beta, I’m just in the middle.”

“And you’ll escort me safely?” I took exhaled deeply. I had to do this. It was the law and my parents could get in a lot of legal trouble if I didn’t.

He nodded. “Let’s go then.” Micah turned and I started following behind him. He walked me through line to pick a number and my group was soon called. It was now time for me and the other females to begin the selection process. As we all were led into a clearing by our escorts, we were suddenly surrounded in a large circle by a group of werewolf guards. I took a deep breath and reminded myself what I knew of the selection process. Families were not allowed in for security reasons. By now, werewolves would be surrounding the parking lot preventing the entry of anyone not participating in the ceremony. The wolves would pick their mates. Anyone not selected would leave the ceremony alone to find their families. If someone was selected, they would be accompanied by their new mate and allowed to say goodbye to their loved ones. After that, I had no idea what would happen. Hopefully it didn’t end with the mates getting eaten.

“Hello everybody” Everyone else in the group and I turned towards the source of a loud voice. It was another sixteen-year old with black hair. “I’m Arid, your M.C. for The Selection Ceremony. Some of you have been here before, some not. For those of that haven’t, I’ll give you most of today’s info. Not all, we werewolves are a secretive bunch.” Arid turned and winked at a blond girl in our group who swooned. “All girls from the ages of sixteen to nineteen in Mississippi are required to participate in our pack’s Selection Ceremony. There are many going on throughout werewolf territory. Our males are by no means required to pick and if they don’t see they’re mate here, they can go to another ceremony. The wolves will come out by rank. The most dominant wolf will go first, followed by the next dominant, and all the way until the least dominant. You are required to stay here until The Selection Ceremony is complete and those not chosen may leave.” I looked over my shoulder to see if Micah was still there. It was at that point that I realized all the escorts were gone. There was a howl from afar. I turned to face it and noticed a large group of werewolves were making their way towards us in human form. At the front of the group was a tall blond guy. I could barely make out his and the rest of the wolves faces until they moved closer.

The moment that could change my life was fast approaching. What would my fate be? Human or werewolf? I hoped my father wouldn’t be too angry and disappointed if I was chosen.

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