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The Planet

Bella Bird- Ardin version of a chicken that looks like a pigeon with a heart-shaped red breast. They are nocturnal and eat Hijau. Not bright and wherever they are born is where they nest for the rest of their life. They sleep with their heads under their wings.
Fiain- The jungle outside of the city Kupals.
Mako Cat - Green cat like animal with a prehensile tail. Solitary hunter and bold enough to attack a small group of humans. If facing one on one can be very dangerous.
Hijau - A glowing carnivorous bug. Attracted to humans but willing to go for less dangerous meals so more of a pest than dangerous.
Jing the major city is set in a plain with forest and mountains to one side. Train tracks lead out like a spider web out towards the forested areas. On the other side of the mountains is the sea.
Ardin is 100 years travel from earth. Only possible because of a sling shot system. The humans arriving though take longer as they had to develop cryogenics while the first ship was a generational ship.

Model System

Serenity- platinum blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Goth pale skin.
Intelligent but also high emotional quotient. Meant to be the rulers who would care for all the models fairly. Created by the second scientist they are in competition with the first scientist's creation the Scribes. When they first landed in Ardin they manipulated their DNA but one strand was on the female line and the other the male. The female line had to power, the male was the ability to turn the power off. The Scribes took advantage of their weak moment and in a coup took over. The Serenities were forced to flee the city while some hid out with the other models
Scribe- Yellow blonde with blue, green or light brown eyes. Pale skin, rosy cheeks. Peaches and cream look. Super intelligent but logical and aloof. Created by the first scientist they were supposed to be the mind and conscience of the community but instead went from wise to ruthless in less than one generation. Took over the governance when the Serenities showed weakness and set up a benevolent dictatorship which turns into a fascist state by the end of the series.
Warriors- Dark hair and a swarthy complexion. Brown eyes. They are the enforcers for the ruling model. Thought to be brutish and stupid but are merely deep thinkers
Rustics- Brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes. They are the working class but even amongst them, they have caste systems. Labourers and farmers are seen as less than artisans.


Kupal- a dome or force field to cover cities or make a electric fence.
Flex- One-time use screen. Pretty much a multimedia print. Meant for security as it deletes the original when printed.

Serenity Powers

Mostly they can manipulate matter but there are a few who can see the future and others who can read thoughts.

Serenity City - Citadel

Built deep in the fiains it was built when the Serenity knew they could fight off the Scribes if needed. It only has a small entrance and train stations out of it to make it harder to be invaded. 

Minor Characters

Basil- Crescent's brother. An activist against the Scribes. Faked his own death. Worked in a foundry and built hover bikes on the sides as a hobby

Main Characters

Aaru- Was named An but with difficulties with grammar had to change it. She is a serenity who gets pregnant. Used to be a doctor in training.

Kaidan- Warrior who is a Chimera with wolf DNA. Is the father to Aaru's child.

Kynaston - Aaru's brother. A Serenity but also the head of the family. Business minded but always worried that the Scribes would take his family.


Crescent- Rustic. Working as a clockmaker but really wants to make superbikes.
Levi- From Earth 29 a Pilot. He was planning to start a new life so willing to go with whatever as breathing fresh air and eating real food is a luxury in his mind.
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