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Wyvern Modern day

Character profiles


Raven is a 40 year old scientist who is a complete geek. She hates change and conflict but has insatiable curiosity. She has been working for Edison which is a tech company. She has been in the R & D on Dragon research. Clueless about clues and social cues so blunders into things she shouldn't. Her current want is to be safe. As she doesn't like conflict and violence is something she wants to avoid at all costs. But she realises that the problem is that the whole thing made her feel powerless so what she really wants is to feel like she is again in control of her life and what is happening in it. 

Odin is her one eyed tabby cat.

Dominic is a Roshian Dragon from the area that we know as Russia. About two thousand years ago a cabal of Roshian dragons tried to take over Rosha but the people rose up and killed all the dragons who were in the area. They are known for their red colouring. Vengeful some of the dragons were merely locked up for centuries without access to light or food but had to live off their dragon magic which allowed them to bring food to them through the between space. Dominic was taken in by a group of monks who hid him away. He spent most of that time hiding and helping the humans when he could. He feels like he owes humans something for risking their lives for him so he goes out of his way to help humans. But he is aware that people take advantage of this so he is standoffish with people. What he really wants is to feel like he isn't a burden on someone but he also doesn't want to constantly be saving them either. The problem is that he is attracted to people who need help. By the end he will learn to trust his partner to save themselves. This trust breaks the cycle he has been in. 

He is in charge of the security for one of the Dragon Houses. He has been charged to find a dragon that has gone missing and he thinks Raven knows something. At the very least he can use her as bait so he decides to marry her to make her connected to him. 

Dom's crew

Lisa - the mother of the group but don't mistake her for being feminine it is just that she is always thoughtful and always thinks about possibilities. She notices people and what is going on with them. 

Ivan - Ivan is quieter but he is also very competent. He is kind to others and is one who watches and only steps in when he thinks things are going to custard.

Patrick - the Larrikin of the group he is one who always putting his foot in his mouth over something. The others make up for it as he has the biggest heart of all of them and they don't want him to be hurt. 

Edison - the evil tech company. 

Of course this is based on several real tech companies but with a next level of evil as they are kidnapping dragons and such.

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