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Kitsune Shapeshifter Series

Zero Foxes Given

Zero Foxes cover.jpg

Magic naginata and shape-shifting foxes. Canada is much more exciting than the brochure had promised.

Kiera prefers a boring holiday and has created a following based on it. Unfortunately, when a Goddess interferes it means her rather sedate holiday turns into the discovery of a lifetime. Yokai are real and all the other creatures they told her about at her grandmother's knee are also real and so far none are friendly.

For Fox's Sake


Akari has been kidnapped. Kiera can't leave now, not when Haku's sister is missing. But if she stays it will only be harder to leave and she has to leave. She isn't going to let someone trap her again. But Akari is missing and that is more important.

But Akari's disappearance is the beginning of a plot to murder thousands of humans and Kiera has to save humans from the yokai threatening them. With just the naginata from the goddess Inari, she will have to face forces stronger than she could have imagined in her past life.

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