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Wyvern Chronicles

Blazing Blunderbuss

ebook cover BB 2024.jpg

Hara hasn’t had an easy life. Her father is a con man and she has been forced to dress as a boy most of her life. When she finally gets away from her father she finds that trouble is still with her. Gideon is a dragon living as a mathematician in the heart of the Wyvern Empire. But even there he isn’t safe. Revolutionaries have kidnapped him. They might have his body but his heart is already Hara’s captive. Now he just has to convince her that he isn’t too much trouble. Things become complicated when they accidently steal a pirate ship. Throw in a plot to kill dragons and a politician willing to risk the wrath of the empire. Together they can help each other out of trouble or find it.


Released 25 May 2016

The Mechanicals

Ebook cover mechanicals 2024.jpg

Hara and Gideon have been summoned by the Emperor to do a small favor for him. They are to rescue his wife's niece who has run away from an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, she has run into the clutches of an evil Duke who has plans to be the next Emperor.

Things get complicated when the jilted Groom insists on accompanying them to rescue his reluctant bride. 

If they don't get this right they could miss out on a pardon and risk a bloody civil war with innocents caught in the middle.


This book was mostly funded by SpecFicNz and I give them a huge thanks for their support.


Released 24 October 2016

Wyvern's Trim And other stories

ebook cover wyvern trim 2024.jpg

Wyvern's Trim and other stories is a collection of short stories written in the Wyvern Chronicles Universe. 

Wyvern's Trim- A bluestocking man of affairs woman finds the only work is with a dragon as no one will hire a woman. Things are fine until the dragon decides that she needs a groom

Out, on a Limb- A tinker is called to the castle to discover that she is requested to help a one-armed Dragon with a clockwork arm which is giving him trouble.

Hidden Treasure- An orphan girl discovers a dragon chained up deep inside a labyrinth who has been there for hundreds of years.

Dragon Hunter- Harlen is looking for the dragon hunter who has a dangerous secret. What he finds is beyond what he expected and is about to turn his life upside down.

Dragon's Nest- A teacher at an orphanage seeks out a dragon mate to save her children.


Released July 2016

The Jade Dragon

ebook cover jade dragon 2024.jpg

The third installment in Hara and Gideon's story sees them heading to the heart of the Han where someone is trying to kill the Dragon Empress. Hara isn't sure they should help the empress as she is cruel to her subjects. But Hara has issues of her own. She has fallen pregnant and has to come to terms with her incipient motherhood.


Alice also has found love but he has secrets of his own. Will Alice have her heart broken or will she find the forever kind of love.


Released 1 June 2017

Ruby beyond compare

ebook cover ruby beyond 2024.jpg

Charani is on a routine mission to deal with some rogue dragon hunters when she comes across a dragon who is supposed to be dead. Dimitri is a Roshian red dragon that has been imprisoned for 600 years. Charani seems like a dream except he didn't expect to be rescued by an assassin.


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