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Wyvern Mysteries

Lady Golden Hand

Golden hand.jpg

Lady Rayne Ancaster's life changed when she lost her hand in an accident. Instead of gracing the arm of a gentleman she is making something of herself. She is an officer of the newly formed Metropolitan Police in Londinium.


A gruesome murder leads her to Victor. A dragon who is mourning the death of his murdered wife. Or is he? The clues lead directly to him.


Nothing is as it seems and Rayne has to uncover all the secrets before someone else dies.


Released Jaunary 2019

White Lady

White Lady.jpg

Hunted by a witch doctor that had already managed to sever a foot, Medea is forced to run from city to city. That is until she lands in Everett's store for mechanical limbs. Everett is not only able to give her back what she had lost but just maybe he could help her break free from the witch doctor that haunts her.

Published 1 September 2019

Lady Doctor

Lady doctor (1).jpg

Katherine is on a mission that takes her to the depth os Scotland. She has to convince the reclusive dragon that her mechanical heart is worth coming out of his cave.

To be published 2020

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