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Lady Golden Hand

Londinium - 1836 London but instead of parliament, it has a governing body.

Brixstane - Suburb of Londinium where the body of Sebastian Karmel is found.

Larkin - Ex Bow Street runner who is now a constable. Lady Rayne's partner. Gets ill at the site of blood. Been a bachelor for many years.

Rayne Ancaster- Duke's daughter, injured as a child and lost her hand. Now is a policewoman/constable. Her family got her a sophisticated mechanical hand.

Everett Ancaster- Rayne's younger brother and heir to the Dukedom. He is mechanically minded and makes mini-drones.

Gregory - Everett's tutor who is now living in Africa.

Maynes - Police Commissioner for Scotland Yard

Charles Rowan - God Father to Rayne and The other Police Commissioner for Scotland Yard

Fields - A senior Constable who is in charge of the investigators

Duchess and Duke Ancaster - Rayne's parents

Other ladies - Lady Inverness, Lady Pembroke, Lady Beechworth 

Katherine Ancaster - Their sister who is interested in science

Sir Laurie - Former governor of Londinium and now a banker. He is very influential with the army and wants to increase sentences in prisons. 

Victor - Dragon likes chemicals and the scientific process

Eleanor - Used to be married to Victor but was killed and thrown into the river, also a con-artist

Thomas Barnes - editor of a newspaper

Sebastian - con artist and working with Eleanor

Lady Beechworth - Friend of Raynes and blackmailed by Markim

Markim - Blackmailer and ex-policeman

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