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Yokai World

Yokai are real and live all around the world. In fact all the legends are true.

Tropes to add to the story:

108 significant to buddhism

Hihi'irokane - super strong shiny metal

Kiera - Kiwi traveling the world after her dad died of Alzheimer's. She is a instagram star and that is what pays the bills when she buys a pencil at a store that turns out to be a holy weapon. A naginata. People start attacking her because of this and she is forced to change her plans.
Inari - a god who sells the naginata to Kiera because she thinks the girl can help the Yokai come out to the world in a way that will allow people to accept them instead of hunting them down. Not everyone agrees.
Haku - A male Kitsune. He is artistic but also autistic. Male Kitsune don't go out into the world often. He attacks Kiera by accident and then heals her to make up for the misunderstanding but things get really complicated.
Kiyoshi - Leader of the Yokai. He wants humans to know about Yokai as he has plans. DUN DUN.
Eiji - Leader of the Kitsune. He likes the status quo. Doesn't like Haku as he is worried he will take over.
Children of the mist.jpg
Katsu - Leader of the Tengu. He has been manipulated and wants the naginata so he can make humans into his slaves.
Sho - A Tengu who attacks Kiera at the start.
Akari - Haku's sister who wants to be a doctor. Kitsune and about 100 years old.
Himari - Haku's fiance and also a Kitsune.
Manabu - Wiseman for the Yokai.
Elan ? is a Lekwungen a coast salish also known as Songhee. They believe in the spirits of their ancestors and shapeshifting creatures. Dances and performance art were often handed down the generations. There aren't any coyotes on the island but there are wolves. If I do wolf then I would have his surname as Staqeya. Another option is the raven or the mink
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