5 Things you didn't know about Blazing Blunderbuss

1. It was written as a NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is a month where people all over the world write 50,000 words. I had been sitting on my latest series for almost a year (I know that doesn't seem a long time but I write 3 books in a year) and I needed something to kick start the novel so I set up to write it for National Novel Writing Month. I also wrote two of the short stories for Wyvern's Trim at the same time as Blazing Blunderbuss isn't a long novel. 2. Hara is named after Harimad from the Blue Sword. The Blue Sword was one of my favourite books when I was growing up. A girl thrown into a world of magic only to find that she truly belongs there and that there is a king who loves her. The peop

How to teach someone with Dyslexia:Thoughts by a Dyslexic Author

By day I am an English teacher and I often get students in my class with dyslexia and I'm shocked by the teaching methods used on dyslexic children. Usually because they assume dyslexic people are dumb and have a learning disability. They aren't and they don't. So, here are some things that helped me to learn so if you have someone you know who has Dyslexia you can help them out. Disclaimer: There are new techniques for teaching Dyslexia so look them up. Spelling: Mostly we spell things wrong because they don't make sense to us to spell it a certain way. The brain is an interesting thing. I'm sure you have seen that post where all the letters are jumbled around but you can still read it. Dys

5 Myths on Dyslexia: Thoughts from a Dyslexic Author

I really hate people's preconceived ideas on Dyslexia. So, here are a few myths about Dyslexia that I have come across as both an Author and as an English teacher. Myth #1 Dyslexia is a learning disability It isn't. Really it isn't. Doctors might class it as such but they are narrowed minded jerks (doctors might agree with me as there has been a lot of changes when it comes to the classification of Dyslexia). There have been some very clever people who have had Dyslexia. Like Leonardo Di Vinci. He was well ahead of other scientists of his age and here is a little secret. Mona Lisa isn't famous for her smile. Actually, the painting is famous because of the first use of accurate depiction of l

Thoughts from a Dyslexia Author

People are always amazed that I am Dyslexic. Especially, since I love words and I read a lot. I mean a lot. I read in a month more books than my class of students combined will read in a year. When I tell people that I'm Dyslexic I always get this confused look and they start a sentence like this... But how can you be... if you are Dyslexic. So, I wanted to dispel some of the myths people have on Dyslexia through my own observations. When I realised I wanted to do this I also realised it wouldn't fit into one post so I'm going to break it up into parts. Here is a disclaimer. I am Dyslexic but I've never considered it a learning disability as I am also a smart cookie and have found ways aroun

12 Books better than the movie or maybe not.

Most people say after watching a movie adaptation of a book that the book was better. Well to be honest I actually think there are some movies out there that are better than the book. LOTR looking at you. In this list it is where the movies were great but the books are either just as good or even better. Howl's moving castle The movie isn't like the book at all really but the movie is awesome. Miyazaki is a genius and Howl's moving castle is a testament to his skills. The movie is based on a book written by British author who writes mostly children's books. So you will have to appreciate YA fiction before you will believe me that the book is just as good as the movie. Starship troopers I rec

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