Author Spotlight: Susan Meachen

I've been an avid reader as far back as I can recall it was a lifeline to transport me from dark moments in life. My preferred genre to read is Historical Romance I love getting lost with the bad boys who were Earls, Kings, and such. When I decided to jump into the ring of Author I had no desire writing the average romance like so many others do, I wanted to make my leads flawed it is how I came up with my tagline 'Author of Perfectly Flawed Romances' There's never a guaranteed HEA in any of my books but they are packed full of emotions and love nevertheless. 'I do warn if it's not a fairytale ending' for the ones who love the sweet reads. I'm a wife, mom, meme, and friend. I live in the Sou

Infinite or finite writer

New Year so new goals. So I was watching Simon Sinek. Love his stuff. I really wish my boss at work would watch his talks. But I started reading one of Simon's books and in course James Carse's book on game theory. Basically it says there are two kinds of people out there. Those who play to win and those who play to play. Okay, that is very simplified but you get the idea. I've been thinking about my writing. Especially with the rewriting of my first series. I'm on a lot of writer's groups and I look at their success and I shrink inside. Then I see someone doing worse than me and I get a lift. I realised today I had shifted my game. I started writing because I ran out of books to read. We ha

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