One thing Romance should stop doing

Have you ever read a book where the couple are arguing and they end up making out afterwards. I hate those scenes. But I wasn't sure why. Well, it clicked the other day why I don't like those scenes and here is my reasons why. 1. Anger is not Passion. It is almost like the authors think women have an on/off switch for women and emotions. That we normally don't feel anything at all until we are either angry or passionate. This simplistic angle on emotions is dangerous and right silly. 2. Emotions are complicated. It is almost like the women in these scenes only have two emotions, love and anger. Emotions don't work like that. Even love has several flavours and levels. To assume that anger is

5 Things you didn't know about Steampunk

I was on Steampunk Tendencies the other day and I mentioned Silk Punk as a version of Steampunk and a whole bunch of people mocked me. I realised that though they were fans of steampunk there were things they didn't know about the genre. So here are 5 things you didn't know about Steampunk the genre not the aesthetic. 1. Silk punk is a thing Silk punk is when Steampunk is a different culture that has similar elements. The steam powered gadgets but instead of being Victorian as the base Silk Punk is set in Asian countries like China or Japan. So instead of corsets you'd wear a kimono with your cogs and goggles. I was inspired by other authors so my latest Steampunk novel was set in China. Gre

High expectations kill books

I recently went on a trip to the Great Barrier reef. I planned it to the Nth degree. I couldn't sleep I was so excited. But when I went weather meant I missed out on so much. I was crushed. It wasn't like it wasn't a lovely trip. The food was amazing. It was just because the hype didn't live up to reality. If I had gone expecting just another holiday instead of the dream I had pictured in my head it would be one of my all time favourite holidays. This is what happens with books as well. You can slather all over the front that the book is awesome. That there isn't another book out there that can compete. You can blow out of proportion just how amazing you are as an author, after all as an ind

Review: Moonlighter by R.A. Crawford

This is the second book in the series. A universe where everyone are women and humans are the redneck cousins no one wants to visit. We continue with Stella's story as she joins the universe's version of the Police called the Pulse. I really liked the first book and it made me cry but I found it too heavy on the action and a little wordy. This book I think has a much better balance. It is still action packed and I Crawford writes some of the best action scenes out there. The only person I can think of who is better is Illona Andrews. So quite a compliment. But there is also the relationship part as we follow Stella trying to figure out a new job where nothing really makes sense. Everyone thi

Review: Song in the squall by Nathan Singer

I don't usually start off with a formatting critique but I think because the rest is done so well the one tiny bit not done right stands out like a sore thumb. The title on the first page uses a very old font type that clashes with the sleek and lovely text. I know, silly and stupid to care about something that really doesn't matter but it bugged me. Now to get to the important bit the story. Which sadly should have just started with Molly. I like a bit of mystery. I really liked Molly. She is brash and really the hero of the story. Set in Portland we get a glimpse of a ancient race of humans who went to the see to find their niche. Perfectly adaptable they were the source of stories told fo

Another Secret Sci-Fi Romance writer

Lois McMaster Bujold is a science fiction writer and has an impressive backlist under her belt. I only discovered her later in my life. Not because of access but just that her covers turned me off. Also I like an authors name I can actually remember. But a few years ago I found one of her books in the library and I had nothing better to do so I read it. What an eye opener. Lois is a Sci-fi romance writer. Two people meet. A typical Romeo and Juliet story. Except we have a galactic war instead of two warring houses we have whole planets going to war. But when honour and fairness show we have love blossom even if it means having to turn away from everything you have ev er known. I love this ki

Why Anne McCaffrey is really a romance writer

Okay, so I didn't come up with this concept. I was listening to Michael Cooper talking about Facebook ads and he mentioned that Anne McCaffrey wrote Sci-Fi Romance before it was even a thing. And a light bulb went off in my head because, gosh darn it, he is right. So here is my list of my reasons why I think Anne McCaffrey was actually a romance writer. 1. She uses a romance HEA structure. So romance has a basic story telling structure. Guy meets girl. They are thrown together for some time until they fall in love. Some thing comes along to disrupt this but this is overcome and they end up Happily Ever After. It is a tale as old as time. Anne uses this structure as well in some of her storie

The circular logic of advertising to authors

My mother is publishing her first novel. I mean I'm publishing it for her so that means putting on my marketing hat. So I've been diving into some marketing gimmicks to see which one works. When I first published my own I was like an eager pup who didn't know what the difference between wide and kdp. Now I can approach it a little better, especially since it isn't my precious baby I'm releasing into the world. All this lead me to author pages on facebook. I signed up to as many who would take me. Posting in discussions and the like so I don't look like an amateur who only posts pictures of their book when my mother's book is released in two months time. But It has been only three days and I'

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