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Another Secret Sci-Fi Romance writer

Lois McMaster Bujold is a science fiction writer and has an impressive backlist under her belt. I only discovered her later in my life. Not because of access but just that her covers turned me off. Also I like an authors name I can actually remember. But a few years ago I found one of her books in the library and I had nothing better to do so I read it. What an eye opener. Lois is a Sci-fi romance writer.

Two people meet. A typical Romeo and Juliet story. Except we have a galactic war instead of two warring houses we have whole planets going to war. But when honour and fairness show we have love blossom even if it means having to turn away from everything you have ev

er known. I love this kind of love story. It doesn't hide the horrible parts of falling in love and at least this one is a typical romance with a HEA instead of the horrid Romeo and Juliet which masquerades as romance when it is actually a tragedy.

Lois then goes on to write their story and their kids and other love stories of other characters. It is a massive universe and every story is a surprise because it was never intended to be a romance series the romance isn't always a HEA or the book can be a straight Sci-fi. So I will admit I still pick and choose from her stories to find the ones that lean towards romance.

I think by writing in whatever genre you feel like gives you a certain kind of power. Lois's books are far from one dimensional. I think all of us as romance writers can learn something from theses books.

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