Fantasy or Science Fiction

I think my eyes are going fuzzy from looking at book covers. I want to make sure I have the right message or promise with my book covers for the series that I am rebranding. That brings me to the name of my book. I started off with having half of a saying. This was fine when it was a post apocalyptic science fiction romance. Confusing titles are kind of par for the course. Not so much when it is Urban Fantasy. Now I bet you are wondering how a sci-fi can turn into a fantasy. Well, actually... In my book I have tattoos that give superpowers. This is done by redirecting electromagnetic fields (auras) into another area of the body. More energy into the muscles and you get stronger. A little mor

Republishing old series

I don't know where people stand on republishing old series but I've decided to do this with my very first series. It was back in the day when I didn't know what deep POV was and so I have head hopping though not nearly as bad as I thought I was. I've learnt so much from back then. This series doesn't sell anymore but I look at others who republish and I always think that it is kinda cheating, after all it is just revamping. Boy am I wrong. First it is painful This is my baby, my first, the one that made me realise I could be an actual writer so every word is precious to me. So there I am like a gardener in the an overgrown mess and I'm yanking out left, right and center. Painful as anything.

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