Feminism and the invasion of violent men

Recently I was reviewing a romance novel that had a violent and frankly douche bag of a love interest. It isn't the first and I doubt the last of this kind of book. I always thought romance was feminist. I mean it often deals with issues that women seem to face. They will often deal with issues the main stream won't even touch like surrogacy or single parents and how to integrate someone new into a family unit. I even think genre's like erotica even have their place even though I think they are lazy writing mostly and the problematic issue of 'mommy porn'. But I won't go into that instead erotica were the first to foray into mass self publishing and the trad publishers wouldn't touch them. T

Review: Bound by Alan Baxter

Super action packed well-written story. Easy to read but a little darker than I like my books. Not just that but the swearing and other stuff though realistic to the character's situation is not my thing. The story is of Alex Caine a street fighter who can see more than meets the eye. A stranger arrives at one of his fights and we basically fall into a quest/the one trope. I like these kinds of tropes so I thought I would enjoy the story more, especially since it was beautifully written. Unfortunately, I also like my stereotypical completely obvious stories to be peppered with more comedy. Also, I like a story that leans more to being able to pass the Bechdel test. I did like Silhouette. She

Review: Ferox by Chris Brausch

If all the teenage dystopian texts had a love child with all the darkest space operas you would get Ferox. It is a little wordy but it is clever so I'll forgive it its verbose nature. Set a thousand years in the future where the world is pretty much starving to death and China has taken over New Zealand and made everyone into slaves. We follow the story of a few characters on both side of the conflict. We have the desperate and the pragmatic along with the plain just evil but they are pitched to us the reader in a way that makes us not completely hate them. The story is very cleverly told unfortunately the bad guys are called the Fong and every time I read it all I heard in my head was, "I w

Review: Mated to the werewolf king by Alena Des

My first impressions of this book was I like the concept but the writing is a bit clunky. You know a sentence that is just a little too long and the flow of the scenes fit together like puzzle pieces that aren't supposed to be next to each other. And this is going to sound hypocritical as I am terrible at writing dialogue but I thought the dialogue could do with more or maybe less as not all of it was needed to get an idea across. Saying all that it didn't stop me from reading the book it just made it harder to read. Also I'm not sure the author knows what delirious means. She uses it a few times and not in the right context. Some heads up there is swearing, which is a little jarring as the

5 things I realised about the New Zealand Writing Scene

I am a very small fish when it comes to writing. I'm self published and I have two series, so though I'm not at the bottom I'm not even close to the biggest names we have in New Zealand. So my observations of the New Zealand writing scene is myopic. But what I have seen is that we might be snobs. When I get stuck in writing I like to browse the internet and I stumbled on to the New Zealand book council. I will admit I know very little about them. I've heard of them and I know some authors who deal with them regularly but not me. Not my scene and not just because I am a baby author. When I tried to look up some kiwi authors on their so called comprehensive list I was stunned to see that despi

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