The worst tropes in fantasy

I love tropes. There is a lot to love but some people get them wrong over and over that some tropes need to be nixed. Here is a list of tropes I think should be retired. Only one girl in the whole entire world Brandon Sanderson mentioned on Writing Excuses that he is guilty of this and it is one of the tropes I wish would go out to pasture. Let me paint you a picture. You have a large group of heroes. And one single girl. She can be awesome, a whiz with knives or a healer that can heal death wounds. My problem is that she is alone. The only woman in the crew who is female. As an epic fantasy goes along the group of hero gets bigger but guess what? No women join, just the lone awesome woman.

Interview with C. Hofsetz

Tell us about your latest novel or project: My debut Science Fiction and Fantasy novel Challenges of the Gods was just published. I wrote a book that I wanted to read—a fun and upbeat Science Fiction/Fantasy story focused on the characters, but still having an interesting setting and several twists. And on top of that, I wanted the reader to believe that they could end up in a similar situation (ignoring the fantasy aspect, of course) and react perhaps in the same way. What got you started writing? I always thought about writing a novel someday, but since English is not my first language, and most Science Fiction and Fantasy books are in English, it was like one of those unattainable goals t

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