WorldCon in New Zealand

I must admit I was only vaguely familiar with WorldCon before now. It was that thing I would never go to so why bother finding out about it because it will never come to a place near me. Well, now it is in a place near me and I am preparing to go the 78th World Convention. Unlike other conventions I've gone to before this is run by the fans for the fans. As a writer I am always a fan first then a writer. So that alone is exciting but I'm more focusing on what the Con can do for me as a writer. My writer's association SpecFicNz is part of the planning and participating in the Con so they have also organised opportunities for us authors to get involved. Volunteering, parties, giveaways, critiq

Animation is Awesome

So I splurged and got the new Disney+ which means I get to have my fill of classic animated movies. It always makes me sad at how many of the greats didn't have critical success. Disney did get into trouble as some of the older movies are very problematic. And yet one of their movies that didn't get much success if probably one of their better ones when it comes to so many aspects. I'm watching Atlantis and I'm loving the story telling. First off the women. They are strong commanding and a true power all the way through the movie. All of them are smart. Even the casual crew there is a mixture of men and women. They aren't perfect. After all some of the bad guys are women. (Though the female

Nostalgia and Violence

I'm struggling with the rewrites and back in the day before I'd finished any of my novels the best way to get me excited about writing was to read through some of my older writing. I have literally hundreds of little scenes and story starters. So I thought I would have a look at them. I haven't read any of them in years. I keep them because I know if I ever run out of stories there are more just waiting to be developed. First thing I noticed was how much better my writing has come in even the four or five years since I wrote or even looked at these scenes. The second thing I noticed was how clearly I set my heart for anyone to read. You see every single one of my story starters or scenes rev

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