Review: Magician's Rivalry by H.L. Burke

This is has been a tough week as my father passed away. One of my escapes is reading and turned to my rather tall To Be Read pile. I had picked up this book a while ago as the author is in the same group as me online. This is a clever book. We start off with two guys that hate each other. The author cleverly makes us dislike them at the same time by having them do some rather silly things because they are jealous. As the story goes the two men grow a true friendship and are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other by the end. Even though the people in this book are adults this is a book very appealing to a younger audience. It deals with many themes and ideas that would be relevant to

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So a fellow author is releasing their latest series. Check it out. The year is 2522. Anna is a Remnant—a secret Christian in a world that has banned any form of religion. She is also an astro-geologist working with her Robot, named Z, for the Planetary Science Commission. The PSC has worked for 200 years to find alien life on another planet, and finally, after two centuries, a primitive lifeform has been discovered. Faced with the reality of evolved primitives on a forested moon, Anna begins to question all she has ever believed. Anna and Z travel to the newly-discovered moon in search of answers, but a terrible accident leaves them stranded. Faced with dangerous natives and unfamiliar surro


Living in New Zealand means I don't get to go to writer's conferences very often. Or even normal conferences around my favourite genres. When I saw one was going to be only two hour drive away I knew I had to go, even if it was only for a day. There are many reasons that I could only do the one day, pets being the top of the list. But there are some benefits for the one day trip which was that I could take some of my students with me. Let me give you some background on my students. I teacher at a high school that believes that learning in a real world context will lead to better learning. In practical terms this means we have for almost four years run a whole day writer's class. Where studen

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