Voting and Cannabis

One of my students in my class will be 18 when New Zealand has their vote for a new government. He mentioned that he isn't going to vote. It frustrates me when so many people give up their vote because of apathy. People have literally died for them to vote. Some feel like what is the point, it is only one vote. This is a bit like water. Yes, you are a drop but as a whole you can be very powerful. What is even more frustrating is this year we are also combining our usual vote with two referendums. (I will not go into the vote for governments as I don't like to poke that bear.) The vote that interests me the most is the one to make cannabis legal. Let me give you some background. I come from a

Cultivate culture

I was reading an article on Roanhorse, an author who writes with a sci-fi story that is based on a Pueblo story. The article wasn't very flattering by it made me angry as well. As one of the invading colonial horde I am constantly confronted by how twisted my background is. When it comes to cultures the British and other super powers of the time had a rather typical MO. They would sweep in offering wealth through trade and when they weren't making as much as they wanted they would use war and oppression to get what they wanted. The world is still reeling from that and some cultures and people came off worse than others. Not having any strong ties to land or culture I've always wondered what

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