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In light of #BLM I wanted to write a post. I'm a very white christian girl. Grew up privileged because of that. Even if we were poor I knew I started from a different place than others because of the colour of my skin. So I wanted to share with you a list of books that helped me see Others different from me as equals. These are often written by white authors - growing up as I did I don't think I even had access to many books written by authors that were not white - but they write the Other in a way that made me question my privileged world. It isn't for others to educate you on what their lives are like. It is your responsibility to educate yourselves. So I thought I would give you some book

In the Double Agent's Service a fantasy novel by Annie Douglass Lima

Erik would give his life to protect King Jaymin. However, when an old enemy shows up with new schemes, that may not be enough. Anya longs to be noticed by the king’s handsome bodyguard. But as she finally gains Erik’s attention, the notorious spy and double agent Dannel blackmails her into fulfilling a favor she has owed him for years. Anya is forced into a terrible choice: save Erik’s life, or protect her homeland. Can Erik and Anya thwart an assassin and prevent a war before Dannel destroys everything that matters to them and to the kingdom? In the Double Agent's Service is the final book in the Annals of Alasia. Here's a glimpse of the rest of the series! Meanwhile, here is the first scen

The Bite By Erica Christensen

Here in New Zealand we are heading into some cold weather. So I thought I would do a couple of blogs on some great new reads to cuddle up with. Or if you are on the other side of the world something to sit by the pool and read. The Werewolf World Chronicles two book set The Bite: Every summer in Mississippi, all the teenage girls ages sixteen to nineteen gather in werewolf territory for The Selection Ceremony. A time to see if they are the fated mate to a male werewolf. Helenisha Morganos dreads the idea of possibly being chosen. There is nothing she fears more than the werewolves and the stories her father has told her about them. When she is chosen by future Alpha, Wrolf Smithson she is qu

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