Are you a slave to grammar?

I was reading an article by Joanna Penn about grammar and she showed that sometimes the rules that were so black and white when we were young about grammar aren't so black and white anymore. Or more importantly shouldn't be black and white. Grammar can change the meaning of something. Eat, Shoots and leaves talks about how the Bible didn't have any commas and so the newer versions have to decide where to put commas and it can change the meaning making many people very nervous or feel powerful. As a writer we shouldn't leave grammar to the rules of an editor but used as an artful tool. I have a very odd relationship with commas. I don't like them but I do understand they can help so I'm very

Interview with Kameo Monson

It is sometimes hard to find clean romance so whenever I find some I love to share the love. Today we are speaking with Kameo Monson who is about to put out her first book in Clean Contemporary Romance. Tell us about your latest novel or project: I just finished publishing my first book, When Love Is Lost, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. My current project, a novel titled I Not David, fits solidly within the women’s fiction genre. As I considered what I might like to write next, several ideas came to mind, but my heart pulled me to write a story about a mother doing her best to raise a son with autism and finding love along the way. This project tugs at my own heartstrings as the

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