Promiscuity and the misconceptions

I deal with teenagers a lot and one of the things I've noticed is the more adults work with teenagers the more we start to think like them unless we keep a clear line in the sand. I saw this the other day when we had an assembly around the girls in school and discussing how they can stand up for themselves which then devolved into shaming girls for being promiscuous. My dad was a social worker so we often discussed students' behaviour over the dinner table and so I learnt how to look beyond behaviour to see what really was happening. You see promiscuity in underage kids is often due to trauma of some sort. (Just to make it clear I'm talking about teenagers under 16 years old. Adults - if the

Refreshing Archetypes: Observer

This archetype is almost always a side character or one that pushes the plot forward like the wise man in the heroes journey. This makes them a very flat character. This character though can be powerful. This came to me mostly because of my brother. He is the kind of person that is quiet and watches then when he has something to say he speaks up. Everyone is floored by his wisdom and pays attention because his words are used sparingly. My first hero in my first series was like this. He had studied as a social worker and watched rather than acted. When he did act it was to the point and was effective. No extra moves and no showing off. This character works as it shows power while giving a fem

Refreshing Archetypes: Noble Savage

I live in New Zealand and I can tell you the noble savage is a destructive archetype. It is done way too often for this day and age. Homer getting wisdom from a wisewoman in the wilds of Alaska, the guide in Wonderwoman and in Avatar we see this archetype. The problem with this is to assume they all come from a less technological society. When Europeans first arrived in places like China they had very sophisticated technology. We still use a lot of it today. Schools, paper, gun powder - all of these were long staples and yet the people were considered lesser and had to be saved by the superior forces. Even when it had a benevolent aspect to it, it was toxic. That is where Noble Savage lies.

Refreshing Archetypes: Nerd

I love Ilona Andrews' books and I read Sapphire Flame literally the day it came out. Don't worry no spoilers here. But it had the character Bug. He is an ADHD nerd. I expressed on the fanpage that I would love for him to have his own romance and some said they could never imagine him with someone. This made me sad because if I had to choose an archetype for myself or my brother it would be nerd. Too often we get nerds who are used as the new wise wizard in stories. The new Spider-man even jokes over this. Or even worse they become the adorkable misogynists. Nerd archetype done well: Harry Potter I actually struggled to find any that were male. It seems that the best nerds are being done by g

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