Gecko guts and grapes

Patricia Pike <> 17:41 (0 minutes ago) "Touch my head, touch my toes. I never want to go in one of those." My Gran would always say when she saw an ambulance. The day finally came when she was rushed off with a burst appendix in 'one of those.' Afterwards, she lamented that she had been tempting fate by saying those words. As a child, I thought she had beaten the odds by quite some margin. She had muttered that saying for thousands of times and yet only once was she forced to use the ambulance services. 1000 to 1. Yup, I would take those odds. I have been feeling the spirit of Grandma these past few weeks. First I had a craving for Ox-tail soup and then a sudden urge to ma

10 Best Newish Clean Science Fiction Romance

I've noticed that most SFR requires tentacles and other wriggly bits for most people but I grew up on Anne McCaffrey so I lean towards cleaner Science Fiction so here is my list of up and coming Science Fiction Romance that is also happens to be clean. The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson Be ready to be inspired. This Christian author isn't afraid to have religion in her Science Fiction. She is an English teacher like me so I can relate. We have a Romeo and Juliet set up here where a pirate takes on a military pilot. But maybe their two worlds aren't so far apart. The whole series is complete so if you get hooked you don't have to wait. Enjoy. Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon Okay, Elizabe

New Series - the pre-order jitters

I've got a new series coming out and I'm trying a pre-order. I tried it once but of course my timing was off and Amazon penalized me by cutting me off for a year. Didn't matter because it made me shy of pre-orders anyway. There has been a long debate about whether pre-orders are worth it or not. Since I'm algae anyway I thought it wouldn't matter either way and I could do an experiment to see if the pre-order was worth the nervous jitters of watching the clock to get the manuscript on time. I'm also going to do a print so people can get up reviews but the down side is that I have to solicit reviews. I hate doing that. I'd rather dance in a bikini at a school play. Dragging through different

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