Interview with Megan Elder Evans

I have a soft spot for clean romance so I asked some of my fellow clean romance writers if they wanted to be interviewed. They were very generous in their replies. First up is Megan Elder Evans and please don't judge me on my grammar as I know you are also an editor. Very talented. Tell us about your latest novel or project: My newest novel is “Fate’s Arrangement,” an historical romance about a woman who is being forced into an arranged marriage in order to help bring an end to the Scottish War for Independence. Lady Cristiana has no desire to marry. In fact, she fears it. She comes from a long line of women who have died in childbirth, and she does not want to suffer the same fate. She also

Doomsayers and fearmongers

I keep reading articles about how the self publishing industry is being attacked by Amazon and we are all going to die. Okay not that bad but it feels like it some days. They never seem to have any joy or hope in their articles. In here I wanted to look at some of the myths out there and have a go at shedding some light. 1. Free books are banned from reviews. I saw someone complaining that we should stop giving away free books as you can't review them because Amazon said so. First of all the quote they use isn't about free books, it is about being an Amazon customer who has actually bought stuff instead of free things. I get this. it is a great way to attack Bots and scammers who sign up and

Review: Wicked Torture by J. Kenner

Skip the prologue you don't need it. I've come to that realization for many books. Including my own. The author also committed the ultimate sin. Used the word sexy in the first chapter. There is a reason I don't like the word sexy. It is lazy. Tell me, what does sexy look like. Is it a tall or short woman. Someone with short or long hair. You can't tell me because sexy is different to everyone. Instead of telling me the author's vision of this person they have said, "I'm too lazy to describe them so I'm just going to make you do it." Hence why I hate the word sexy. Especially in the first chapter. I usually don't read further when that happens but the first line had been good and I was hopin

Interview with S M Spencer

It really is a small world. S M Spencer isn't that far from my corner of the world as I am a Kiwi and she is Australian. I love the internet and how it can bring people together. Tell us about your latest novel or project: I'm currently working on a murder mystery. Although it will be based in the same town as my five Copperhead Creek romances, Willows, the main story is solving the murder (so in this story, romance will take a back seat). What got you started writing? I fell in love with books from an early age, reading romantic suspense and mysteries. When I read Daphne du Maurier's Frenchman's Creek, I knew I wanted to be a writer--in fact, I wanted to rewrite the ending of that book. Tha

Interview with Brian Barr

I've done interviews in the past but mostly for New Zealand writers and for my other site. It was very successful so I thought I would branch out and take interviews with other authors from around the world. Welcome Brian Barr. I did try to count all your books but I lost count. What an awesome accomplishment. Tell us about your latest novel or project: Serpent King: Shadow and Light follows Zian Ur, a Reptilian from the Nagan Empire. As the son of a commander general and a state priestess, Zian comes from a noble family in an imperialist warrior society of conquerors who colonize and destroy worlds. Though his heart is fixed on becoming a Nagan warrior that his family can be proud of, Zian

Review: Air Whisperers of Nkandla by Patricia Pike

This was probably the hardest review I've ever written and that is because the author is also my mother. So here is my best go to being completely unbiased. The Air Whisperers of Nkandla is the most unique story I've read and probably what anyone has read as it is set in South Africa from the point of a Zulu family. My mother grew up in Nkandla area so she has intimate knowledge of the lifestyle and the local stories. This gives her a unique perspective of a part of the world that isn't always addressed in literature. Sure there are stories like the power of one and Wilbur smith's stories but they are written from the perspective of white men and this influences everything including the way

I'm not choosing to be single

I read an article today that said there are more and more people living with their parents until they are 35. They said this was because people were choosing to not settle down. I think I had actual steam coming out of my ears. There are so many things wrong with that statement. First, young people can't afford to move out. In the past a single income could keep not only one person but a whole family. Now people need two incomes just to keep their heads above water. Everywhere we look wages are down compared to wages back in the day. I had to move out of the city to be able to afford a place of my own. I was 24 when I finally left home. I was lucky. Secondly, I have not chosen to be single.

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