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Review: Wicked Torture by J. Kenner

Skip the prologue you don't need it. I've come to that realization for many books. Including my own. The author also committed the ultimate sin. Used the word sexy in the first chapter. There is a reason I don't like the word sexy. It is lazy. Tell me, what does sexy look like. Is it a tall or short woman. Someone with short or long hair. You can't tell me because sexy is different to everyone. Instead of telling me the author's vision of this person they have said, "I'm too lazy to describe them so I'm just going to make you do it." Hence why I hate the word sexy. Especially in the first chapter. I usually don't read further when that happens but the first line had been good and I was hoping it would get better.

It didn't. First of all our main character is a jerk that only thinks with his penis and then we are forced to like him with a sob story. It was not a natural progression of story, just shoved in there without any lubrication. So unfortunately I got to half way through chapter two when I thought I'd rather poke myself in the eye. This was a DNF which is just Did Not Finish.

Even though I didn't finish this I must say I liked the blurb. I would never have picked it up if I hadn't. The writing is decent so if you can stand jerks and forced plot you will be able to read this whereas I couldn't. Good news is that this review won't go any further than my website because every book is someone's baby and I don't see the point of knifing someone in the back on Amazon.

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