Review: Hooked by Deanna Browne

A dash of Ready, player one. A splash of Divergent and a small sprinkling of the Matrix this book is a beautiful blend of all my favourite things in VR literature. The story is well written with a rich world that you are fully immersed in right from the start. I do wish our hero took longer to get used to VR but that probably would have made the book boring but it didn't seem realistic to get over a phobia so easily. Especially without panic attacks and throwing up. Running out of a classroom because of embarrassment just felt a little too weak for what a phobia really is. This is a great YA book. I did think the blase nature of a gunman on campus made me very aware this is American-centric.

Authors need fake names

I write under a pen name. It doesn't mean I hide my real name. I still use that on Facebook and people can google either name and they are linked. I picked a pseudonym really because I thought it was cool. Yes, I wanted to stand out and I didn't like that my Surname is like Christopher Pike. I always hated his books. I didn't want to be anywhere near him in the library. Also, I'm a teacher and I write romance. I wanted to draw a line in the sand where I began as a teacher and where the author me started. This does mean I'll never see my name on a shelf in a book store but that has never bothered me. I go by a nickname most of the time and I haven't used my full name since I was about ten. Be

Review: Sand and Storm by Stella Dorthwany

Love the cover and it has pictures. Inside I mean. Not many books bother with illustrations but this one has them. Love it. The author does like to use the word exploded which since it was the only fault I could find in the first few pages made it more amusing than annoying. There were a lot of characters introduced very quickly which made it a little confusing but the world is rich. Magic and wonder laced through every line. Cora is my favourite character. Forced into a path where she doesn't know her own future and yet it could be marvellous or completely soul destroying. People think marriages today don't have those same shadows but they do. Hope is the only reason to take the risk becaus

The Art of Procrastination - what I learned by procrastinating

I thought I would write a whole series and then publish it in rapid succession. This was a bad idea for me. You see I've been sitting on a completed novel for almost a year now. I actually have two finished novels I've been sitting on since July last year. The problem is complex but it boils down to procrastination. Things I have learned by doing the wrong thing 1. I am a discovery writer. Unlike a pantser I have outlines but I like to discover the story along the way. By writing it all down and then going back to revise means I've basically created spoilers for myself. 2. When you don't have a deadline you are dead in the water. Being self published you set your own deadlines. Since I never

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