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How my dragons work

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I thought it was fitting that while the dragons in my Wyvern universe look like they are doing magic; they are actually doing science. You see, the whole idea started with the fact that most of the dragons depicted seven limbs. We don't see that often in nature. The only thing that has seven limbs are things with exoskeletons. So the classic dragon can't have evolved on earth. So I made my dragons come from somewhere else. Then we look at mass versus the ability to fly. You see, dragons would be too dense to fly. Birds have hollow bones and such. So dragons would need some help flying.

So what if...

So what if the dragons could change the density of the air under their wings and that's how they can fly? That ability then allows them to manipulate things at an atomic level. With that, they could change their shape, and heal things because flesh is much bigger than atoms and therefore shouldn't be impossible if they can change atoms. And if they could manipulate atoms, maybe they understand things like string theory. And if they did that could they see where their atoms go?

You see, we've discovered that atoms like to pop out of existence and then pop back in. Well, quarks at least can do this. But I thought I would play with this idea. Most of the stuff the dragons can do is cobbled together physics when I have a very rudimentary understanding of physics. It is magic really as it is a science that is so advanced to me it is magic.

And that's how my dragons came to be. They can travel through planes by latching their consciousness onto the bits of them that pop out of existence. They use entanglement theory to bind themselves to another plane. And that means entangling themselves with humans. So they can change into humans with a basic version of the transport beams you see in Star Trek.

A lot of imagination and a dash of science and a lot more of those beyond 2000 and Discovery Channel shows made me think I was an expert.

So you are welcome to join me in finding out how science and magic are really the same thing. Click on the cover to head over to Amazon to get your own copy.


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