I'm proud to be ex-SA coward

I was reading an article today about how ex-pat South Africans are seen as cowards by those left in South Africa. They talked about the reasons why people left, opportunity and exploring the world along with others. One they didn't mention was safety but I'll come back to that and I want to tell you a little of my experience. I was young, 11 or so. This really is a story about my whole family. The first reaction when we told people we were moving it was of disbelief. My grandfather to the day he died believed we would return to South Africa, that no where else in the world could even compare to living with Lions and hippos. Later we had people trying to convince us to stay. My favourite argu

To Genre or not to Genre

Trying to figure out what genre mom's book fits in has made be think of genre. There are some authors who hate the word as it constricts them too much. The problem is you kind of need genre's. As a reader I'm very picky about what genres I read and it is the number one way I pick a book to read, especially a new author. So most authors will write the story first and then try to wedge their story into the genre it best fits. And that is where my problem starts. Mom's book has romance, teenagers, families, exploitation, magic and all set in Africa. Do I focus on the romance? Except the romance is very subtle and none of the romance conventions are there except the HEA. I could focus on the tee

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