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Underrated and overrated Science fiction

So I have a couple of underrated Science fiction novels and I have one that I feel is a little overrated though still a fun read.

Tanya Huff Valor's Choice

Well known for her fantasy and even her paranormal novels this is her foray into science fiction and it is downright awesome. Based on a famous battle that happened not to far away from where I was born it is well written. The series in general is a fun read as well. Though I do wish she had kept more of the character around to the end of the series.

Marissa Meyer Cinder

This is technically a YA but it is an awesome science fiction novel. It is a retelling of Cinderella but it is different enough that it stands on its own. Heartbreaking in some places it is awe-inspiring in others. We have Cinder who is a cyborg and the glass slipper is literally her foot. A mechanical one of course. The world is being attacked with a virus that is highly contagious and kills people. They are trying to find the cure by testing it out on cyborgs as they are seen as second-class citizens. A great way to explore racism and very topical in our current day with a pandemic very close in our minds.

Mike Shepherd Mutineer

If you liked Honor Harrington or Heris Serrano then you will love Kris Longknife. Almost identical in set up and play through. Kris comes from a family of heroes and politicians which she feels like she has to live up to. She enlists because she wants to stand on her own. It doesn't start off well. The love interest in this book has the same issues of the David's series as there is definitely an issue of rank but they do play with this and kind of hang a lamp shade on it all.

Ilona Andrews Silver Shark

These are actually a set of short stories and novella but I love them too much not to mention them. Mutations have set a group of people above others. These families now hold all the power on the planet but when you have powerful people you need someone to deal with them. So you have super powered assassins. Love it and can't get enough of it. I really wish there were full blown novels set in this universe but since the Andrews are super busy and are hardly keeping up with the UF series I doubt we will get any more installments in this series. Though technically the Innkeeper is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy so if you want more there is that series as well.

Lindsay Buroker Shockwave

I took a while to get into this series but since I love all her other books I persevered. I think it was the characters that hooked me so even though the storyline is so massive that it took a while to get to the exciting bits I was happy to tag along. Now that the series is finished I love it even more. We have an asexual or possibly demisexual character and that is probably the first time I've seen that.

Gini Koch Touched by an Alien

And now for the overrated book. This I picked up at my local library and it was certainly a fun read but I really couldn't get over the Mary Sue. Also, there is no foreshadowing to how she solves the issues. It is like she is a seer and just knows stuff that she should know and then uses that to solve things. The romance also doesn't hold it up as he is a bit clingy and the romance falls flat for me. At least have some really good steamy scenes to make up for the lackluster romance.


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