5 ways to write faster

I have a writing class every Friday. At the this time of the year the kids are kind of 'Meh' about their writing as it is the same thing every week. So I thought I'd challenge them. If all of them combined could write as much as I could in the same amount of time. The first week the beat me by 86 words. The next week I beat them and this week I think it was more of a tie. But the whole process has had me clock well over ten thousand words in less than six hours of writing. Here is what I learned with this challenge. 1. Know what you are going to write I'm writing a series at the moment and I've been sitting on it for a while. I've got detailed outlines and on the day that I'm going to write

Review: SEALs of Honor: Easton by Dale Meyer

I've read a few of these and when I first started reading I was thinking, have a read this one? I was a little disappointed as even though I fully expect and enjoy the formulaic style of romance but sometimes it gets too much. The good news is that feeling didn't last. I think this was my favourite out of all of them. Mainly because I liked the main character. She was like me in so many ways. Has to eat all the time, did karate as a kid and hated hurting people. I even liked the love interest with his grumpy stoic nature. The other things I liked was the fast pace and of course the perfect HEA that is always expected an enjoyed. A little bit of a twist here and there which were surprising ev

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