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Review: SEALs of Honor: Easton by Dale Meyer

I've read a few of these and when I first started reading I was thinking, have a read this one? I was a little disappointed as even though I fully expect and enjoy the formulaic style of romance but sometimes it gets too much. The good news is that feeling didn't last. I think this was my favourite out of all of them. Mainly because I liked the main character. She was like me in so many ways. Has to eat all the time, did karate as a kid and hated hurting people. I even liked the love interest with his grumpy stoic nature.

The other things I liked was the fast pace and of course the perfect HEA that is always expected an enjoyed. A little bit of a twist here and there which were surprising even if they weren't shocking. The main character kicks butt and saves herself more than once. The author is very aware of consent and what is acceptable from an alpha male. Our alpha male isn't a jerk which is a difficult balance to achieve with alpha males.

Now onto the things that didn't work. Before I get into this I want to say none of these were annoying enough to drop it off the best so far list. The first thing that annoyed me was the screaming. There was a scene where a heavy breather sends our hero running out of her tent screaming. Sorry, women don't do that. Not because we don't scream. We do that. No, it is because of a heavy breather. We face that kind of predator often. You only scream when you are surprised. You know, like a spider falling on you. Women, when faced with a male predator will get out fast and often silently. If we had to run screaming every time we have someone following us, cat calling or any other creepy thing then we would be screaming all the time. So the screaming bugged me. A lot. The only other thing was the rushed ending. I kind of wanted to see them in more of their normal life rather than only ever seeing them in a highly charged situations.

Five stars easily though I still don't like the covers. And the screaming. Argh.

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