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New Series - the pre-order jitters

I've got a new series coming out and I'm trying a pre-order. I tried it once but of course my timing was off and Amazon penalized me by cutting me off for a year. Didn't matter because it made me shy of pre-orders anyway. There has been a long debate about whether pre-orders are worth it or not. Since I'm algae anyway I thought it wouldn't matter either way and I could do an experiment to see if the pre-order was worth the nervous jitters of watching the clock to get the manuscript on time.

I'm also going to do a print so people can get up reviews but the down side is that I have to solicit reviews. I hate doing that. I'd rather dance in a bikini at a school play. Dragging through different sites and then making a personalised email and then crossing your fingers they reply. Then the nail biting wait for them to review and then the sinking feeling because it is roulette whether it is a good review or a bad review.

I rather do interviews. Don't need pre-orders or print copies for that. Bloggers are more likely to do that as it is less work for them. You get publicity without having to worry about possible bad reviews.

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