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Review: Bound by Alan Baxter

Super action packed well-written story. Easy to read but a little darker than I like my books. Not just that but the swearing and other stuff though realistic to the character's situation is not my thing.

The story is of Alex Caine a street fighter who can see more than meets the eye. A stranger arrives at one of his fights and we basically fall into a quest/the one trope. I like these kinds of tropes so I thought I would enjoy the story more, especially since it was beautifully written. Unfortunately, I also like my stereotypical completely obvious stories to be peppered with more comedy. Also, I like a story that leans more to being able to pass the Bechdel test. I did like Silhouette. She was fun and witty. I'd recommend this book for male readers though and I admit I like my books geared towards either women or at least gender neutral. This reminded me of Ian Fleming. On the outside the main character looks bad ass and cool but the more you delve into the character you realise that he is shallow(James Bond I mean). I believe the author was aware of this issue and did try to alleviate this as Alex really doesn't want to be that stereotypical bad ass.

I loved the world building. A rich canvas that is revealed to us slowly and with confidence. With characters that are multidimensional and interesting. I loved the play with the idea of evil and good and where the line is drawn.

I loved the cover and that is a big thing with me. If I was recommending this book to guys I would give it a solid five but if I was recommending this to a woman I'd give it a barely 4 so I'm going to compromise and just call it 4.4


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